St george

After leaving my parents house I drove down to St. George with my MIL and Kreg's brother. We went for Kreg's cousin Janae's wedding! Lucky for us the wedding colors were purple and we just happened to have purple outfits to wear. CC's dress is one I made while at my Mom's house its revesable and super cute. I made a few others just like it.

It was super fun seeing all of my MIL side of the family. CC had fun swimming outside and of course we did some shopping! We went out to eat the night we got there to Cracker Barrel they had all of these little rocking chairs outside and giant checker board games. Cecily had fun trying out all of the chairs and holding all the checker pieces. (I made CC's skirt in the pic below as well Im only pointing them out to show a friend that was asking what I made not to brag. promise!!)
The best part of the swimming was when Cecily would jump off the edge and I would catch her. Everytime she jumped she would say again before she even hit the water! So cute!

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Cassie said...

Looks like you guys have been super busy and having lots of fun!