St George Day 3 and 4

 On Sunday after Church Kreg took the older kids to the temple and the visitors center while Cora and I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and visited.

 Scott and Carly's family came over for dinner and fun cousin time. These kids are so silly!

 So strong and so silly!
 Handstand competitions
 After dinner we went for a walk up the road to the Petroglyph Rocks. The kids didn't want to hold hands so scott told them to Hold ears. ha

 Checking out the rock.

 Cora is so good about just hanging out and doing whatever!

 There were lots of Cacti and bushes around, I didn't think anything of it until we got home and Oliver got out of the bath and showed me his arm with about 7 needles from a bush or cacti in it. He said "mom, I don't know how I got these." Poor guy. Thankfully it wasn't painful for him when we used the tweezers to get them out.
On the walk back there was a family setting off some homemade rockets so we stopped to watch that and the kids found some sprinklers to run in too. We love the summer life and St. George is so pretty and offers so many cool outdoors activities!
Monday Kreg and Scott went Mountain biking again and then Grandma and I went shopping. We had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa before we headed home. It was such a fun trip! We are blessed with great kids that are well behaved and good travelers. Cora is a dream baby and slept on both Car rides to and from St. George! We are so glad we went and had so much fun with Grandparents and Scott and Carly's family!


St. George Day 2

 Saturday Kreg woke up early and went Mountain biking with Scott, Cecily, Grandma and I went Yard selling for a bit before she headed up to the hospital to pick up Grandpa. Then we went to the outlets for a bit, I scored big time on kids clothes! After that we headed to Wendy's for lunch with Great G&G Baumgarten!
 We love getting to see these two as often as we do! Grandpa is so fun with the kids and its always nice to visit with both of them! I am so blessed to have so many fabulous Grandparents in my life!

 After lunch we headed to the park! Hudson was having some problems with his stomach so they were at the hospital with him, we were just waiting to meet back up with them to go swimming!

 Just cooling off!

 Cora and I got photo-bombed by handsome Scotty! Cora LOVED the pool, she was just so content and happy. So glad we have another water baby!
 Scott and CC had fun practicing their Cheerleading stunts!
After swimming Carly and I headed back to the outlets so she could score big time on kids clothes! Then we met up with the Guys and the kids at the park, and then headed to dinner. After dinner we went back to Grandma's and Grandpa's so we could visit with Grandpa, he was in good spirits and condition after his procedure. He is so funny and fun to visit with.


St. George Day one

 First stop in St. George SWIG! We got some yummy shaved ice, drinks and sugar cookies! Yum! We headed over to the splash pad/River on main street for some swimming. Kreg was golfing, so we were doing our own thing! Great Grandma Reid met us at the splash pad and then we headed back to her house for a bit.

We have so much fun with Grandma! She and I are very close and always have fun together! Cora really loves her too! Any time Grandma was talking Cora was laughing. It was so cute!
Grandpa was in the hospital for the first day and night having stents put in his heart so Grandma was back and forth between us and him. We picked Kreg up from golfing and headed back to Grandma's for a bit before we met Scott and Carly's family for a late dinner at La Frontera. The kids had fun running around the restaurant. Good thing we had a private room!

We love St. George and all it has to Offer, The warm weather and our Great Grandparents especially!


Disneyland with Gram and Papa

Cecily and Colten got to sit in the cockpit on the airplane!

Getting ready for disneyland with the shirts Gram made the kids!

Happiest place on earth for the two 5 year olds!
We loved the beach, even though it was cold

Cecily said the best part of the trip was the hotel pool
Cecily's favorite ride was the Matterhorn
On the way to the airport to go to CA

Cecily loved meeting all the princesses and getting all of their autographs.

Thank you Gram and Papa for such a fun trip!!!
Setting off into the sunset with Minny Mouse!