Cora is 3 months

 Cora is 3 months old! Time has flown, but at the same time when I think back to when she was born it feels like forever ago! We did her 3 month photo shoot and for some reason she was not into it. She wouldn't smile for anything or anyone! She is so smiley these days so I was laughing at the fact that she was being so stubborn about not giving us a smile. I thought about trying again later but I really just want to document how she is in this moment.

 She seems to be thinking "this is lame, are you done yet mom?"
 "Ok I'm over this, and take off this sticker!"
 She loves her hands lately
 and sticking out her tongue!

We thought maybe if we got her dressed and let her sit with CC she would smile, but nope!!
Cora at 3 months:
Weighs 10 lbs 1 oz (at home scale so it may not be super accurate)
Height 22 1/2 in
Sleeps 8-9 hours at night
Takes 2-3 long naps and lots of little cat naps
Eats 3-4 ounces every 3 or so hours during the day
Loves the front pack carrier
Loves being held and having lots of attention
Still loves music/noise and likes it loud
likes laying on the play mat/ bouncer and looking at toys
Smiles anytime you talk to her
Cooing lots
Giggling, every time she laughs she gets the hiccups so I always feel bad making her laugh
Still likes to be swaddled but we don't do it very often anymore
Likes her binky when she can keep it in her mouth (I'm hoping she'll just get over it soon)
She has had cradle cap this past month, its not to bad and you really can't see it unless you are parting through her hair. I think she has it because of all her hair. The other two kids were pretty much bald so they didn't deal with it. 

She is such a good/easy happy baby. There isn't really anything she doesn't like. We are so blessed to have our sweet, happy Cora in our family!

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