Pirate Party

The Gypsies
 The Pirates
 These two 3 year olds are a crack up!!
 The Pirate Pinata
 Ashton was a hard core captain of the ship. While the kids were eating dinner he was giving them each jobs, like Reagan was the fire girl. She was responsible for getting wood and keeping fire. Cecily was the food supplier, she needed to get food and cook. Oli and Hud were the Deck boys, in charge of sweeping the deck! Ash is such a smarty, and so clever!
 Colten and Bentley loved the Pirate story Gram brought! Colten looked like a little man, he kept dwindling his mustache!

 Seriously these two boys are so fun to watch! There are always joking around or wrestling or hugging. I love that they are only a week apart in age and that they can be such good friends!
 The pinata was a hit! The kids loved it!

 Hudson loved the spider man hat we got him!
 Scott was the oldest of the birthday boys but really he acts just like one of the little boys! We joked that he must have a million pictures of himself holding up reeses pieces candy, since its what everyone always gets him as a gift!
 It wouldn't be a party without a delicious chocolate cake from costco with a little pirate accessory

We had a fun Pirate party for all 4 of the may boy birthdays! Scott-4th, Hudson-7th, Colten and Oliver-14th. I think its funny that its these may boys that are always the life of the party! Oliver loved his party, he's a little confused when we keep telling him his birthday is next week since he already had a party, I just keep reminding him to live it up!!

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