Oli's 3rd Birthday!

 Kreg and I decorated Oli's door so when he woke up on his birthday. He would have to bust through it!
 He thought it was so cool! He loved busting open the streamers.
 And playing with all the balloons that were all over the floor!
 We met up with Cousins and Gram at the Zoo (Oliver got a Zoo pass for his birthday) This picture sums up Oliver's silly personality to a T! He is always teasing and joking around, he loves to make people laugh!

 Oli and Hudson spent most of the time checking out their maps and telling us which way we needed to go. They are such great buddies, it is so cute and fun to watch them play together! They have really similar personalities its great! After the Zoo the cousins came over for swimming, pizza and Ice Cream. It is so fun that Oliver and Colten share a birthday and Hudson's just a week before, it makes for a great excuse for lots of partying!
After baths Oliver opened presents, he had gotten his bike early so he opened a few small gifts. He got a hat, bubbles, a box of Angry Bird Crackers he begged for and some squirt guns.

At his Well Check the DR was really impressed with his speech, He said he likes to be able to understand about 70% of what 3 yr olds say, but he was happy he could understand all of what Oliver says. He asked Oli a few simple questions and was happy with the detail in his answers like "what do you do when you are hungry?" "Oliver answered go to the kitchen and eat lunch" The DR said most kids would just say "food" or Eat" which are correct answers, he was just impressed by Oli's detail.
The DR. also gave Oli a pep talk about going poop on the potty, so far no amount of pep talking, bribing, threatening etc.. works, he does great about going potty on the toilet but won't poop. I am going to have to just stick him in underwear and really work on the pooping. It will be our project for the summer! The DR was happy with everything with Oliver, He said Oli isn't blowing anyone out of the water with his height. He is in the 5th percentile for Height and Weight.
Weighs 27 LBS
Height: 35"
Loves: Treats, playing outside, sports, legos, cars and trains, playing with friends, going to nursery, riding his bike, running fast, Reading books, swimming
Dislikes: Sitting still, shopping,
We just love our happy, fun little guy! He brings so much joy and spirit into our home! We are blessed to have Oliver in our family!

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