It's the little things

 Snack time together, CC is loving the peace sign lately. I love that CC and Oli are still so obsessed with Cora, I don't think the novelty of their baby sister will ever wear off. Its cute but sometimes I want to be able to put Cora down with out them flocking right to her! She sure loves them and loves watching them!
These kids are histarical! I taught them all the hand signs the other day ie I love you, hang loose, rock on, o.k.... well apparently Oliver got them mixed up with some kind of gang sign. This picture makes their kiddie pool look so tiny, its a good thing Oliver got a slip n slide for his birthday!
 We have been having some nice warm weather. You can find us outside all day everyday when the weather is nice! I got a fire pit for Mother's day so you will be seeing lots of pictures of that!
 I love that Cora has been able to go without a sweater on some days. She loves being outside just like the rest of us! We have had thunder storms the last couple of days which make me miss Minnesota so badly! We used to love opening the sliding glass door onto our deck and laying on a blanket in the family room while we watched/listened to the summer storm. Utah's storms don't compete but we still love them!
I feel so blessed to be the mother of these 3 sillies! They teach me so much everyday and make me so happy. My life is so full with them in it and I am so thankful I get to stay home and play, teach, and take care of these sweet spirits! I get so busy sometimes with a whole lot of things, but mostly things that don't really matter. Its good for me to slow down and just enjoy my littles and remember that they are the most important things!


Mallory Wagner said...

Mark was trying to make up his own personal gang sign the other day. I should tell him to teach Oli.

Kram said...

Ha! Ollie's got the look with the baggy shorts and the "what!?" arms out. And ya, I made up some legit signs.