I heart Utah/Idaho

inexpensive everything
craft stores
cheap home deco shops
movies on mom's bed
the pool
late night talks with Dad
Shopping trips
eating treats
Making crafts
going on walks
going out to eat
sunday dinners with the Family
Spending my time with my 2nd B.F. (my mom)

No traffic
everything close enough to walk to
friends and family
mom visits
great neighbors
free gym at the college
summer nights
dollar theater
movie popcorn to take home
rexburg 8th ward
Library across the street
The parks
The Temple close
Trips to IF


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I was tagged by my friend and it has taken me forever to think of anything to write about myself. Lame I know

1. I love to organize and clean. I have a place for everything and I hate when anything is out of its place or messy. my poor husband has to deal with this quirk of mine alot. I will ask him to clean or put something away and then I will more than likely do it again myself. I know what a waste of his time and effort. But I am so thankful he is always willing to help out!
2. I get OCD over anything, It can be shopping, cooking, decorating, cleaning, finding good deals, blogging, crafting, exercising.... anything really. (It is usually one at a time) I will get obsessed over one specific thing and do it constantly or think about it all of the time. Its really unhealthy and I have to try really hard to break the obsession but I usually end up just replacing one obsession with another. I really cant explain it I just get obsessed and have my mind on that certain thing all of the time.
3. I am a total control freak. Kreg has to deal with this alot too. I always have to have things my way and in my special order or whatever. Kreg says its probably because I grew up being so independent and self sufficient that it is hard for me to let others help or do things that I like to do.

4. my biggest pet peeve is being lost. I hate being lost or not knowing how to get to the destination more than anything! I get so frustrated. Ha ha its so silly but its just one of those things I cant stand.

5. I really love love love staying home with Cecily I tell Kreg almost everyday how much I love staying home! I love being able to do what ever we want whenever we want! I love doing house work and cooking so staying home gives me lots of time to do it. I love being able to see all of the new things Cecily can do! I wouldnt want to miss any of her new milestones even for all of the money I could make by working. People out here think it is really strange that we are so poor (being in law school) and yet I stay home. I seriously would not have it any other way!!
6. I have suprised myself big time with this one...I was really nervous about moving far from family but I am having a great time (of course I miss family) I can already tell that I am a stronger person from it and Kreg and I have to depend on eachother more which is helping us grow our relationship stronger. i love the change and meeting new people and seeing new things. I hope that we can live in lots of different places so that we can continue to have great experiences.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!


I Heart California

and this is why......
Hot, Sunny weather
Life with family 24-7 namely
Aunt Kimi
Aunt Paige
Uncle mark
and all other family residing in the CA
lounging in swimsuits all day
fires in the back yard
Play dates with friends
puppy Fred
Pool House
Swimming pool
Modesto 8th ward
play group friends
Swimming lessons
BBQed dinners
Not stop amazing violin playing
yummy treats
the bachelor and other summertime shows
Redbox movies
board games
shopping with sisters
walks with grandma and grandpa
Clear lake
costco runs with MOM W.
Swim lesson drama and wild stories
Sister's summer romance gossip
lots and lots of girl talk
no need for friends when you live with family!
popcorn and lots of it
beach trips
san fran
dates with Kreg
on hand babysitters
Mostly just 1836 harbor cove and all who reside there!!


In Loving Memory

My Grandma Reid Passed away today....She is loved and will be greatly missed. Im thankful Families that can be together forever.



This is how I found Cecily the other morning...apparently Kreg had given her a sippy with milk in it before he left for school so she would stay in bed longer so in turn I could stay in bed longer! Thanks love for always thinking about me!

1 Year, 1 Month, 1 Week, 1 day old

Yesterday was CC's 1yr, 1 Mo, 1 WK, 1 day old b-day (ok I just looked at the ticker on my blog and thought that was cool) I thought I would post some of the pics I have taken the last few days. We have had freezing days (like 45 degree weather) and then days that were much better like 80 degree weather! So we have been inside and out depending on the warmth. I got a nanny job watching a little girl name Ruby(almost two yrs) a few days a week for just about 4 hours a day. Its a perfect little job and great for earning some extra money! Dress up time!

Of course Im still doing hair out of the house but I'm not to busy with that yet since I need to re-build clientel! There is this fun little park directly across the street from our house so we spend lots of time there.

These pics are of CC on a cold day. I thought she looked so big that day. Not my baby anymore totally a toddler!

Entertaining ourselves any way we can!


Update on us!

1 year photo we got taken in CA! (Thank you Grandma W)

Well Cecily and I have been in Minnesota for two weeks now, we have so far: put the house together, gone to the Mall of America a few times (we got a year pass to the Underwater adventures aquarium) so we will be going there a lot and of course I'm not complaining about that! The mall is amazing, I knew it would be cool but it totally surpassed my expectations. from the outside it doesn't look like it could be all that it is on the inside! We have gone to many of the millions of parks in the area! This place is so kid/family friendly its great! Utah and Idaho should take some tips especially when it comes to things to do in the winter(indoors)! We have been exploring/driving around aimlessly trying to find things. We have also gone to play group a couple of times with some of the girls in the ward. Everyone here is so nice! Not just the people at church but everyone we meet. CC and I went to the grocery store the other day and not kidding we were stopped by 9 different people so they could admire her and its not like there aren't other children in the area people are just that friendly!

I really do like it here, the church culture is different outside of the west coast and I really like that! I don't feel the "keeping up with the Jones'" attitude at all! Which is so nice and refreshing. I have felt so welcome at church and have already made some good friends! I love the church for that reason no matter where you go you can always depend on the gospel to be the same and to be true and you can always have friends/family within the church where ever you are!

These pics are of CC playing peek a boo and running wild in the mall of America! she has so much energy all of the time!

Update on Cecily: She walks, runs, spins, attempts jumping (her feet don't actually leave the ground but it is so so cute when she tries), she climbs all over everything she is tall enough to reach, dances, and even tries somersaults! Words she is saying: Hi, Wow, ooo, uh-oh, thank you (sounds like tane-too), dada, mama, baba, baby, ow, park (sounds like dart), no, and nope, yup. She loves to pretend to talk on the phone she is already so girly I love it!! She and I love spending time together being silly and dancing and singing around the house!! We have so much fun laughing and playing all day! I wouldnt trade staying home with her for anything!!

this picture below is cc wearing my fuzzy socks she loves those things! Its been cold here already so we have needed them!
CC loves playing with her belly button! I would too if I had and outie!

She is off of the bottle and has been done with the binky for a few months! I thought it was going to be really hard to get her off the bottle because she became so dependent with all of the change but it really wasnt hard at all, she was only taking it before naps and bed so I just quit giving it to her at naps for two days then didnt give it to her at bed time the third day and she was fine. I just give her a little milk in a sippy cup while we read before she goes down!

Kreg is rally liking law school so far too, Its not as bad as we thought (yet anyway) He just goes to school really early in the morning and studies and then studies during his breaks throughout the day and then he is usually home around five thirty to be with us! Yes we know it may change as the semesters and years go on but so far so good!!