Its ride time

Cecily is now tall enough to ride some of the rides by herself. This was her first choice, she was a little nervouse at first, she was whispering mommy over and over before the ride started.
 You can see as the ride began she had so much fun, she got in line about 3 or 4 times to go again and again.

 She and I went on the Car ride, its all jerky and spinny so this is me nervouse at first, I just really didnt want to get sick. She was too small to go by herself and Kreg refused to go. Maybe it had something to do with the last time CC went on this ride she puked after. But it was a success this day. Zero puking!
 Waiting to ride the Log Ride. I was super nervouse about her going because its such a big ride. My heart was beating so fast while she rode it. She had fun of course. I wasnt fast enough to get a picture of them going down.

In their log ready to ride.
It was a fun day, even though there was a huge snow storm outside. It made it so Kreg could come with us since his school was cancelled because of the snow.


Lets Do Work!

Work is on my mind a lot lately, with Kreg finishing Law school in 2 short months we are constantly talking about where he is going to work and where to look for jobs. (if anyone has any networks to attorneys send some info our way ;)) I am always thinking about how I can work harder at being a better Wife, Mom, friend, Latter Day Saint, ect. I grew up learning how important it is to work hard and to do your job to the best of your ability. I think in our society we are losing that great work ethic that our forebearers had, we have an "I want it right now" mentality and we feel entitled to everything. I think because so many things are easy to obtain and so readily available to us we are becoming more and more lazy. So how do you teach our children how to be hard workers and teach them to EARN things they want rather than feel they deserve it? I think so far I have my kids on the right track, Cecily began helping around the house from the moment she could walk, she LOVES helping me do chores and having her own "Jobs" to do. It is so nice for me because she really can take care of herself on so many levels, and like I have said before she helps with Oli so much too. She really loves the sense of responsibility and of being "in charge". Of course she is still only 3 and is a kid 99.9% of the time! I found this website that gives Age appropriate chores, it really is spot on for teaching kids how to work. So far this is fairly easy.

(Being fancy always makes chores more fun)

 I am nervous for when my kids are a little older and they start to catch on to that lazy, entitled mentality of our society.

What  do you do to teach your kids about hard work?



                                                              (I found this picture while blog surfing. Can't remember where sorry)

This is a great quote and a great mentality on life and of course on Happiness. I will admit Happiness/Optomism does not come by nature to me. I tend to be a pessimist, I want to see how I can fix everything and make it "better", but then I dont take time to enjoy that "better", I move on to the next negative thing. I'm sure I come off as the biggest complainer ever. I dont know why I do it. It frustrates me to no end and I'm sure I am no joy to be around for everyone else. Its not a good personality trait at all. I really would love to have a happy, go lucky attitude and just love everything that goes on around me. Its not that I don't find joy or happiness in my life, because I do I love my life so much and I know I am so blessed, I just have a hard time portraying my happiness. Anyway I am going to try and live this quote more fully. I am going to love all of lifes inperfections or at least tollerate them and try hard NOT to dwell on them. I will focus on vocalizing my happiness more and seeing more of the positive in myself, my situtation, and in life in general.

Maybe if I quit focusing on my life so much and focused on others more I would have this issue of mine all cleared up.

How do you stay positive/find happiness and not dwell on the "imperfections" of life?

Then and Now

Then: 14 monthsNow 3 and 1/2
I only wish I had a picture of Me when I use to wear this little crocheted coat as a little girl.


 Silly faces
Lately I can always find these two teogether. Cecily loves helping Oli out and he loves playing with her! She really is the best helper, she is constantly pulling him by the legs away from things he shouldnt touch and telling me when he is doing something he shouldnt. She is the 2nd Mama in our family for sure!


Dress up gone to far...

Who doesn't wear a fancy dress, jewels, lipstick with their swim caps and goggles?
She definetly asked to wear the cap and goggles in the bath.



 We went to Aquarium at the MOA with some friends and the kids loved it! Oli really was mezmerized by all the fish. They have changed it a lot since we used to go so its fun to see the new stuff!
This is CC when we used to go to the Aquarium when we first moved to Minneapolis. She has changed a ton!

Thanks Alli, Micah, and Claire for inviting us!


Love Day and Deer

 Cecily got all dressed up in her snow gear to go check out this lady in our back yard. There were 5 total Doe and they were only about  100 yards away from us. I guess since we have had some warm (30 degrees) weather the animals are coming out!
 Cecily kept waving and trying to get the deer to come see her. She said I just want to pet one. "i'm really not scary" she promised!
 We celebrated LOVE day with baking cookies for all our friends and going to the movie Gnomeo and Juliet as a family. It was a cute show!
 The kids got some Valentine Gifts in the morning
Thank you so much to Grandma and Gram for spoiling my kids!! They love the gifts!


My love

I am one LUCKY girl to have this guy as my Valentine for 5 years now! My love for him grows daily and I am constantly learning new things about him. He makes me want to be a better person and shows me how to have confidence in myself.

I love you with every beat Kreg!

9 Months

THis little guy is 9 months old today, and since its Valentines I can gush all I want about my sweet little man. He is so happy and smiley all the time! He is really chill and easy going especially now that he is crawling!
Things he is doing/loving at 9 months old

~Pulling himself up on things and letting go to stand alone
~Dancing to music and Mom's singing
~Loving playing with his big sissy
~Loving the freedom crawling gives and loving getting into everything
~Saying Mama and dada, something that sounds just like Anna its really funny and yayaya
~Giving hugs and kisses
~Getting shy when meeting new people
~Having a little seperation anxiety
~Yelling when he wants to get your attention or wants more food
~Eating 3 meals a day
~Loves veggies (but not so much the green ones so I have to hide them in other foods)
~Loves yogurt and all fruits
~Loves crackers
~Loves drinking from a straw
~No Teeth
~Loves his binky but Finally done with the Swaddle!
~Wears 6-12 Month clothes
~Size 3 diapers
~Weighs 17 Lbs 13 oz 11th percentile
~Length 27 1/2 inches long
He is so cuddly and loving. We just love our little boy so much!



This is how Oli spends his mornings while I get ready. He loves to lounge in the sink and brush his teeth, while watching me dry my hair. Oh and he is FINALLY crawling! He has been on the verge for a month and he figured it out a few days ago.


Not an ER post

 Gram sent CC a Beauty Salon Chair for her dollies, some new dress up stuff, and boy was it the most perfect Valentine Present ever.
 Is that not the fanciest cosmetologist you have ever seen?
and Aunt Sarah sent her the most adorable Apron! She loves helping me in the Kitchen just so she can wear it! Thank you so much Gram and Sar!


ER trip #3

Yes you read that right our 3rd trip to the ER and our second one in a week and a half. Cecily got in a fight with a flashlight or was it the shoe she tripped over that caused her to land on the flashlight? I don't know whose fault it was, but I do know that after an hour and a half wait at Children's hospital, us leaving with a plethura of awefull illnesses I'm sure, that have yet to show their damage on us and a car ride across town to a different ER with a shorter wait we finally got a room. Within a matter of minuets I was being reemed into by the ER DR. for giving my 3 yr Ice cream on the way over from the other hospital "i'm sorry DR, the incedent happened right as we were sitting down to eat dinner. Its 9 pm and she has not eaten anything since lunch. I'm sorry I was trying to help my daughter feel better by bribing her to come to the hospital with a half cup of ice cream. I now have learned my lesson." He was upset because she ate and now he couldn't sedate her. I had to explain to him on her last ER visit (remember the Spinal Tap visit) they tried sedating her for close to an hour and it didnt work leading her to have the spinal tap wide awake! ANYWAY after he was done lecturing about the Ice cream he decided she would need stiches in her lip and would have to just numb it via shot. So thats what he did. They put her in the papoos so she wouldnt move and he gave her a few shots of numbing medicine right into her split lip. She cried, but did well. She didnt move at all just like I knew she wouldnt. She totally did not need to be sedated. She was a champ while he put in the stiches 4 to be exact. 3 on the outside of her lip and 1 on the inside.

I asked her if she was 4 yrs old now because she was so brave, she said no I'm 3 and 1/2 I agreed and then realized that it was indeed her half birthday. When I told her that she got real sad and dissapointed "its my birthday?" followed by a huge sigh kinda like what a great birthday. ha ha poor little girl.

 Poor girl looks and feels bad. She wont move her mouth or the rest of her body for that matter. ha ha I keep trying to tell her that moving her legs wont hurt her mouth. Now for that wiggly top tooth, we went to the dentist today and she took an xray. She said the root looks blunt/or short and that can mean both that its normal and it can also be a bad thing. She instructed us to watch for the next little while for an abscess, that will mean the root is dead and she will have to have the tooth pulled. Good thing its just a baby tooth. For now Cecily is living up the soft foods life and enjoying her free reign on Oli's baby food.
At least the dentist chair is PINK!!

Who thinks its time for my kids to be in a bubble?


ER trip #2

This time it was Oli that brought us to the ER. He got a hold of one of CC's gems from her play jewelry and swallowed it. When we took left for the hospital he was in pain and crying and by the time we got back into the room he was happy and laughing (the gem must have decended into his belly). After lots of waiting Oli finally had 2 X rays. Ofcourse the gem was plastic so it wouldn't show up on the x ray anyway. So we went home with instructions to "watch" Oli's poop until it came out.

He was so tired while waiting, all he wanted was a little swaddle and a binky. That made him happy until the DR. unwrapped him and woke him up to do the X rays.