9 Months

THis little guy is 9 months old today, and since its Valentines I can gush all I want about my sweet little man. He is so happy and smiley all the time! He is really chill and easy going especially now that he is crawling!
Things he is doing/loving at 9 months old

~Pulling himself up on things and letting go to stand alone
~Dancing to music and Mom's singing
~Loving playing with his big sissy
~Loving the freedom crawling gives and loving getting into everything
~Saying Mama and dada, something that sounds just like Anna its really funny and yayaya
~Giving hugs and kisses
~Getting shy when meeting new people
~Having a little seperation anxiety
~Yelling when he wants to get your attention or wants more food
~Eating 3 meals a day
~Loves veggies (but not so much the green ones so I have to hide them in other foods)
~Loves yogurt and all fruits
~Loves crackers
~Loves drinking from a straw
~No Teeth
~Loves his binky but Finally done with the Swaddle!
~Wears 6-12 Month clothes
~Size 3 diapers
~Weighs 17 Lbs 13 oz 11th percentile
~Length 27 1/2 inches long
He is so cuddly and loving. We just love our little boy so much!

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Shari said...

And he is just too cute. He sounds a lot like Gordon was as a baby. Just nice and content, Geoffrey was that way too. It's nice to have happy babies.