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This is a great quote and a great mentality on life and of course on Happiness. I will admit Happiness/Optomism does not come by nature to me. I tend to be a pessimist, I want to see how I can fix everything and make it "better", but then I dont take time to enjoy that "better", I move on to the next negative thing. I'm sure I come off as the biggest complainer ever. I dont know why I do it. It frustrates me to no end and I'm sure I am no joy to be around for everyone else. Its not a good personality trait at all. I really would love to have a happy, go lucky attitude and just love everything that goes on around me. Its not that I don't find joy or happiness in my life, because I do I love my life so much and I know I am so blessed, I just have a hard time portraying my happiness. Anyway I am going to try and live this quote more fully. I am going to love all of lifes inperfections or at least tollerate them and try hard NOT to dwell on them. I will focus on vocalizing my happiness more and seeing more of the positive in myself, my situtation, and in life in general.

Maybe if I quit focusing on my life so much and focused on others more I would have this issue of mine all cleared up.

How do you stay positive/find happiness and not dwell on the "imperfections" of life?


Shari said...

It's something I have to constantly work on too Anna. Not with a lot of success I'm afraid. I think it's a genetic thing. Just one more wonderful trait you inherited from the Hudson side of the family. lol

Quists said...

You ARE a joy to be around. :) I would never have thrown you into the "pessimist" category, as you are always making things brighter and more enjoyable/fun for those around you. May you write in your cute little handwriting a post-it note for me? My writing is like a 5 year old boys! HA HA!
I love the talk "Joy in the journey." Look it up, read it on lds.org. It reminds me of "simpler times and simpler things" and makes me reflect and enjoy the little things. Also, music. Good, uplifting music really makes me happy. I don't even know what I'm writing about anymore- but you get the point. :) xoxo