Its ride time

Cecily is now tall enough to ride some of the rides by herself. This was her first choice, she was a little nervouse at first, she was whispering mommy over and over before the ride started.
 You can see as the ride began she had so much fun, she got in line about 3 or 4 times to go again and again.

 She and I went on the Car ride, its all jerky and spinny so this is me nervouse at first, I just really didnt want to get sick. She was too small to go by herself and Kreg refused to go. Maybe it had something to do with the last time CC went on this ride she puked after. But it was a success this day. Zero puking!
 Waiting to ride the Log Ride. I was super nervouse about her going because its such a big ride. My heart was beating so fast while she rode it. She had fun of course. I wasnt fast enough to get a picture of them going down.

In their log ready to ride.
It was a fun day, even though there was a huge snow storm outside. It made it so Kreg could come with us since his school was cancelled because of the snow.


The Robinson's said...

So much fun!! I wish there was an indoor place like that really close by.
You sure are lucky CC!

Shari said...

I can't believe she would go on a ride that she puked on. Brave little girl.

laurareid said...

she wanted to go on that first ride when i was there. i'm glad she finally got to..