This girl comes up with New things everyday and I love it! in the following photo she asked to be bundled on my bed with mom's blanket (in so many words) I told her to pretend to be a sleep hence the weird half opened eyes.
These photos are of her posing for the camera to show of her S.G's and her butterfly wings. Yes she turned around by herself to pose the wingsThis photo is another one of the cute Skirts Cecily's gram made. please notice the monkey leash she is wearing. The little girl I nannied gave it to her. She loves to wear it but I refuse to use it in public!

Last but not least she takes after her momma and loves putting on makeup. Love those fancy gloves too!
If she is this much of a DIVA at 18 months I can only imagine what she will be like as a teen!


Cecily brought a diaper out the other day and was trying ever so hard to put it on her baby (its really a bear that she has become obsessed with the past few weeks) I decided to document her efforts Here are steps 1 thru 5 of putting on a diaper!
OK I may have helped a tiny bit in the end

Things I have observed about Minnesota (caution slight exzageration involved)

~There are WAYYYY more churches here than even Utah. Of course not all L.D.S. churches but churches of all different FAITHS. Everywhere you turn there is a church and unlike any other. I figure that is why people are so nice here, they must all have some religous background to make them kind and loving towards others.

~Just when you thought it couldnt get colder it does! I used to think Rexburg was bad but I had no idea what cold was until we moved to Minnesota...I now long for those "mild" Utah winters!

~ Like churches minnesota has millions of Gyms/Fitness centers. They are everywhere and they have pretty much any gym you want to go to. I recently got a membership to the YMCA and I love it! Its no wonder why Minneapolis is rated the most active city! Aside from people going to the gym these people are crazy and dont let the cold stop them from running outside in the -20 and below!

~ There really are 10,000 lakes PERIOD.

~The accent is really funny and I really hope I dont pick it up or CC for that matter!

~ Hockey is like a religon... They have Hockey rinks in every park in the winter, we have one across the street from our house and I will hear kids outside playing until like 10:00 PM when its beyond freezing outside.

~The Twin cities are very cultured with lots of museums, plenty of shows and performances to see, sporting events, conferences, multicultural activities, ect.

~pretty much all coorporations are based out of Minnesota

~ Target pretty much RUNS the City

~ People really love their dogs here

~ There are more stay at home Dad's than there are stay at home Mom's even in the church...It really is funny when we go to play group and see all the Dads standing in a circle talking to eachother while their infants dangle in the baby bjorn!

Crazy 8's

8 Category's, 8 random things about me....

8 Things I'm Passionate About:
1. Kreg
2. Cecily
3. The Gospel
4. Family
5. The Beach
6. Shopping
7. Working out
8. Being outside (THE SUN)

8 Words/Phrases I Use Often:
1. "Love you so much"
2. "Do you want a snack?" (CC)
3. "Let's go bye bye"
4. "I'm tired of the cold"
5. "what are you doing cc?"
6. "How was your day?" (kreg)
7. "Do you want to read a story?"
8. "Time for night night."

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. See the world
2. Start and run a successful business
3. Own a beach house or just live really really close to the beach
4. Find my dream career
5. Understand the gospel better- study harder
6. Be in optimal physical shape
7. Be that "super mom" that my kids will love!
8. Go on a mission with Kreg

8 Things I Want/ Or Need:
1. A very cute home that is decorated to fit my personality
2. To live in a warmer place
3. Longer, thicker hair (in the mean time thank you extensions)
4. Kreg to find a job he really enjoys (eventually)
5. A nice knife set
6. Live close to family
7. More motivation to become more
8. A good girlfriend that I can always talk to

8 Things I Have Learned From The Past:
1. The only things that really make me happy are my family and Choosing the right
2. Have trust
3. It's easier to do it now as preventative than to have to do it later to fix it
4. Don't regret or second guess decisions you've made
5. Laughing always helps
6. Be confident
7. Always be nice to people
8. No one is paying attention like you think they are so be happy with what and who you are

8 Restaurants I Love:
1. Chipolte
2. Any authentic Mexican food
3. Tona (sushi)
4. Z Tejas
5. Quiznos
7. Wingers for their sticky finger salad
8. Roosters

8 Shows I Love To Watch:
1. The Office
2. Grey's
3. Friends
4.Private practice
5. The hills/The city
6. Biggest loser
7. 20/20 and 60 Min

8 of my favorite things
1. The Color Pink
2. High heels
3. Tanning
4. Beauty products ie hair care, lotions, LIP GLOSS, baby oil, perfume ect.
5. Dogs
6. Babies
7. Girls nights
8. Vacations

anyone else bored with nothing to blog about?? DO This


A new SPRING skirt

Thanks to my oh so talented Mother and her amazing sewing skills CC has 3 new really cute, really fun, bright skirts to wear this spring and summer and even on this wintry day. I am boycotting winter and dressing myself and my daughter in brighter colors! Here is just one of the skirts that CC chose (all by herself) to wear today.One day I might just get this girl to smile while saying cheese! More pics of the other skirts to come
Thanks again Mom Cant wait to learn how to make all these fun projects!


In a slump

sorry for the lack of posts...I am in a slump. the winter is really getting to me (thank goodness we are leaving for Utah and California in 3 weeks I REALLY need it)~ We haven't been doing a whole lot. our days pretty much consist of going to the gym running the errands and making dinner. Lame I know but Its hard to feel adventurous when its so cold!!

Here are some pictures of Cecily that were taken recently. CC loves to feed herself she usually practices with yogurt then takes a bath after. These pictures are of CC's curls. I was telling my mom about the little curl she had in her hair so this is mostly for Gram!
Does anyone else feel a little slumpy because of the weather? What are you doing to make yourself feel better? I need ideas! Its this point int he winter where Im sick of all my winter clothes, I really want/need a tan, and I am so tired of being inside! only two more years of this then we are moving to a warmer climate no questions about it!!


Happy Half B-day CC

Today my Cecily is 18 months old so in honor of her Half B-day here are 18 facts about my C-girl
1~ She Loves to Sing, Dance, talking on the phone and to Run Fast
2~ She loves to dress up (she loves all things girly!!) Thank you Gram for all the fun dress up stuff!!
3~ She also loves balls.. She has a little golf set and has so much fun playing with it with Kreg. she would stay outside all the time no matter how cold it is.(The ice rink across the street from our house)
4~She loves veggies and fruits the most especially apples (whole)
5~ words she says: Ball, bear, baby, color(lellow), bye, hi, i love you, no, yes, toys, mine, cheese, eat, more, thank you, please, doggie, blankie, puppy, nice, momma, dadda, pretty, splash, bubbles, side(outside) socks, shirt, pants, eyes, knees, fish, monkey, barney, where'd it go?, there it is, where are you? up, off, hot, what, cup, soup, shoe, cecily, colty (colten her cousin) Ashton (she can finally say it right) papa, snack, night night....
6~ She loves any stuffed animals, she is on a new kick where she takes her bears everywhere with her. I dont let her bring them when we go in the car but all around the house, to eat, to go to bed.
7~ She loves the aquarium and the children's museum
8~ of course she loves kids and loves to act silly like wear wash cloths on her head for a hat for hours!
9~ loves having her nails painted and putting on pretend makeup and getting her hair done pretty(1st braid)
10~ she likes helping me cook and clean
11~ She loves waiting for Kreg to come home each night
12~Favorite movies: Barney alphabet animals, baby saints, leap frog letter factory
13~ favorite books: any
14~favorite food: broccoli, peas, corn, apples, gold fish MILK
15~ Bath time is her most favorite thing ever!
16~ Songs she knows and sings and does the actions: Three little fish, Three little monkeys, head shoulders knees and toes, popcorn popping, book of Mormon stories, once there was a snow man, if all the rain drops, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
17~ She weighs a whopping 20 lbs
18~ She is my 2nd most favorite person in the world!!