We are so happy to have some warmer weather lately letting us get outside without snow!!
1st time at the park for the season

CC with some of her besties! Can you tell she is the wild one of the bunch!Cute girls!


Pregnancy woes

I have about 2 months left. My first thoughts are really already? and really I STILL have two more long monthsof this. This pregnancy has been night and day different from Cecily's I have been sick with this one, I feel pain in my back, hips, legs, feet, torso, boobs, ect... Ok so basically I just hurt. I cant sleep this time around, I feel really uncomfortable already. I feel soooo out of control with my body, with CC I wasnt as concerned about weight gain, I just kind of did whatever ate whatever, but this time I had so many goals and guidelines I was to follow. While being sick prohibitted a lot of those goals in the first 20 weeks. I have done pretty well outside of that. Im not gonna lie and say I havent had my fair share and Olivers of Oreos, but Ive exercised and done pretty well eating healthly. Well needless to say Im still gaining weight like crazy. its like the more I try to be healthy the more pounds I pack on. what the? I know I know its normal and what my body needs to do for the baby but still sooo frustrating! All as I can say is I cant wait to have an empty stomach, full arms, and a good ole weight loss regime back in my life.

Even though this pregnancy has been harder than the lasts, I have still enjoyed feeling Oliver kick and wiggle (just not in the middle of the night) and I feel very bonded to him already. So excited to meet him and kiss his little cheeks!

Sorry no pictures.


CC says

She loves seeing my belly and talking to Oliver, we were getting in the shower and

she said "oh baby Oliver has an owie" (pointing to the beautiful stretch marks I earned while pregnant with her. I told her "no those are Mom's owies Oliver is safe in side.")

She said"he's toasty warm in there!"

We painted our nails and she was looking at mine she said "your polish is beautiful, and its darker, mine is light"
I said " you are right, good job"
She said "good obsermation (observation)"
I say that to her alot, not thinking she knew what it meant but apparently she does!!