November '13

The whole Group at The Baumgarten Thanksgiving dinner
We love St. George Weather
My little princesses wearing Tiaras from Great Grandma Reid
Baking with Great Grandma Reid, One of my most Favorite things to do!

November '13 part 2

Cora turned 9 months and is so fun! Her personality has really started to blossom, she is so much fun. She's so happy and "talking" so much more! She has learned the stairs so that keeps us super busy!
Our Friends from MN now live in ID so we were able to have a visit with them! The kids jumped right into playing as if it hadn't been a year and a half since they had seen each other! Cecily has always had a big crush on Ethan and has even said she wants to marry him, she was a bit forward when they came over, she immediately put on her wedding dress and asked E if he wanted to play wedding! Cecily and Sofia had fun catching up too!
I snapped this shot just in case one day Cecily's dream of marrying E comes true.

I was so happy to be with my friends Rose and Astrid! It was just like old times and felt like we hang out all the time like we did in MN!
Here are all of the kids (minus Cora) between Rose, Astrid , and I
Gavin, Loxwyn, Oli, Ethan, Cecily, and Sofie
We went to ST. George for thanksgiving for the big Baumgarten family reunion and to spend some time with G&G Reid. This was the turkey bowl, I was so impressed by Oli and CC for jumping right in and really trying to keep up with the game!

We had a wonderful dinner at the church and some fun Minute to win it games after!
The kids and the Dads went bowling, while the Moms went shopping!

Oli really was mesmerized by the arcade games!
Cora tried out Grandpa's handmade rocking Horses
Grandpa B shared some stories of the war and his mission with us. I love hearing all of his experiences!
The cousins had a movie night!
Grandpa showed off his medals and weapons from the war. SO neat!
We got our fist big snow in November, Cecily was so excited to play in it!
This girl is soo happy!