Hook and Pan

Cecily and I are Hook Oli is Peter Pan and Daddy is to cool to dress up. More pics to come of all our fun parties!


Halloween cupcake party

Cecily had a little cupcake decorating party with a few of her Girl friends. She waited paitently at the table for a good 30 min before her guests arrived.

 Many of the cupcakes were eaten before the frosting even hit them.
 I gave each girl three little cups with different colored sprinkles in each cup, the Moms helped the girls pipe the icing on the cakes and cookies. It was a fun way to celebrate Halloween.
It is so much more fun celebrating holidays when you have little kids! I think we will have gone to 5 different halloween events/parties before the actual day even gets here! Pic to come of my captain hook and peter pan. Betcha can't guess who is going to be who!

My Little Man

He melts my heart everyday!

(Thanks Rho for the great pictures!)


Rain, Rain please STAY!?!

Cecily is still obsessed with her umbrella, the other day it started sprinkling outside, when I told her she immediately grabbed her umbrella and went out on the deck in her jammies! Sadly the rain did not stay and she was bummed not to get to use her umbrella to full capacity.
Silly Girl!


PB Bear

Cecily got to bring home her class bear last week and boy was that a treat! She loved including this bear in all her activities, she even taught her about Jesus and how to pray! It melted my heart. She loved reading books to the bear and was a little sad to see her go, I reassured her that she has lots of bears and dolls she can play with, then she was over it. 
She is getting so big and acting so mature lately. There is a new girl in her nursery class that cries eash sunday so CC has taken it upon herself to befriend her and try to include her so that she wont be sad anymore. When I found this out (one of the teachers told me) I felt chills, knowing that she really is listening to the lessons I teach her. When I asked her about it she said "well she doesn't know anyone so I am helping her so she's not nervous. I'm her friend!"

We're excited for HALLOWEEN!!

We have been having fun doing halloween type activities, like decorating sugar cookies and cupcakes, dressing up in our costumes (pics on that later) and halloween clothes. Next on our list painting pumpkins, halloween parties, and watching a scary movie (kreg and I only).
The holidays are so much more fun now that Cecily "gets" it and has fun with it!

Thanks Gram for all the halloween Loot!



This little man is obsessed with his toes and Im obsessed with him!
Oliver at 5 months is:
 "Talking" all the time
Laughing at his sister
wearing 3-6 month clothes
Sleeping in a real crib
sitting up with just a little assistance
Rolling from belly to back(refuses to go from back to belly)
Eating green beans
standing every chance he gets
Still loving his swaddled life and his binky for bed
Still loving the front pack carrier. But mom's shoulders are about done
going on walks sitting in the stroller like a big boy
Playing with toys and loving to read books

I am amazed at how quickly time is passing with Oliver, he is getting so big so fast and doing new things daily. I am trying to charish every min. I can with him!


Summer in October

I NEVER thought I would get the chance to say nor post about having summer weather in October. Especially since last year we had weather like THIS! We have been going on walks at the lake, and even swimming outside. Cecily even got a little sun burn at the park the other day. You know I am not complaining! I am one happy girl with this weather!


pictures of my cute family

 Always so HAPPY!

 Watching home videos together! Cecily's favorite thing to do.

 Found her sitting in her room taking care of her baby, such a good mama!
 Swim lessons

Her new umbrella, she insists on taking that thing everywhere! This day she prayed for rain so she could use it. It did end up sprinkling in the afternoon and its was all she could talk about."Mom I just loved using my umbrella in the rain so much!"