This little man is obsessed with his toes and Im obsessed with him!
Oliver at 5 months is:
 "Talking" all the time
Laughing at his sister
wearing 3-6 month clothes
Sleeping in a real crib
sitting up with just a little assistance
Rolling from belly to back(refuses to go from back to belly)
Eating green beans
standing every chance he gets
Still loving his swaddled life and his binky for bed
Still loving the front pack carrier. But mom's shoulders are about done
going on walks sitting in the stroller like a big boy
Playing with toys and loving to read books

I am amazed at how quickly time is passing with Oliver, he is getting so big so fast and doing new things daily. I am trying to charish every min. I can with him!


laurareid said...

he is so cute.... just love him!

Cathy said...

Oh what a joy that little boy!!!