Fisher's come to visit

We went to Minnihaha falls for a picnic and to play!
Kreg's sister Kim and her Husband Craig and baby Eli came to visit us in MN for a week! We had lots of fun showing them around the city and visiting with them. Here are some pictures I stole from Kim because I was horrible about taking my camera(So unlike me). Anyway these are not in order at all.

Oli and E loved playing together. sure wish we lived closer so this could happen more often:)

                       Eli, Cecily, and Blue at the Mall of America
                                            Eli was doing some intense work on the computer. Hence the Helmet!
The boys playing at the lake
 Wading in the water at Minihaha falls
Cecily jumped in on a family photo with some random kids and Dora

                                  Cecily and Mickey Mouse at the Twins game. She took her baby doll and her sling to the game. She kept sitting down to "feed" her baby. People kept commenting about how it looked like she was breastfeeding. ha ha oh CC you're so silly!
Our family at the Game!
We loved playing games at night even if I got a little competetive (sorry Craig)
We loved going to the lake, sculpture gardens, salvation army, Mall of America, the Falls, The game, The park, and pool. Little E look for your late birthday present in the mail next week. Love you all!


Aunt Paige Came

 Auntie Paige came and we had a lot of fun! We went to the lake to swim and build sand castles and ride in the paddle boats it was great! Oli wasnt to fond of the life jacket and CC kept worrying about if we couldnt make it back to the beach and we would have to swim back or that our towels and toys would get stolen that we left at the beach. Silly worry wart gets it from her mama. All in all it was fun to ride around the lake and look at the pretty homes!
CC is obsessed with Paige and follows her everywhere. Paige was great and played lots of games and toys with C girl! Two peas in a pod. It gave me a little time for myself which is always nice. Thanks paige for helping with the kids, cleaning, and making dinner and for the pictures (I was the worst and kept forgetting my camera) you were a joy to have!

 We went and saw the Cherry with the Spoon as CC calls it at the sculpture garden. Paige took us out to dinner a few times. Paige, Aunt Kim and I went to see The Help! Paige and I got Pedicures, Hit up the salvation army and went to lunch at the Spaghetti Factory. Yum!

 Paddle boat goodness!

We went on 2 for 1 walks and a run, we went to Lake Calhoun and walked around, toured down town, went to the Mall of America, watched scary movie and all in all had lots of fun with Paiger! Love you lady have a fun Sophmore year at BYU!


15 Months

At 15 months Oliver Brooks is:
~21 LBS 7% and 30.5" 28%
~Wearing size 3 diapers, size 4 shoes, and 12 month clothes
~Has two bottom teeth and his two front teeth, and has two more teeth poking through on top
~Saying: Ball, Baby (dede), bird, Mom, Dad, Oli, Car, Drink, Bink, More, Thanks, Shoe (oosh), Uh-oh, Hi, Again, Sit, Moo for Cow, woof woof for Dog, Horse sounds and bird sounds, mimicks cars and planes.
~He is still my sweet, calm boy always giving loves. He is so easy going and will just do whatever whenever.
~Loves balls of any kind and sports. He is obsessed with throwing things. Had a blast feeding the ducks because it was unlimited bread throwing.
~Loves CC and all kids, he is really good at sharing and being sweet to others
~Is a bottomless pit, he will eat ANYTHING but will always eat fruits and veggies first before other food.
~Still takes a pacifier but mostly just for bed, he has learned to throw it in his crib after we get him out.
~Loves to be outside and loves to climb at the park or walk up and down stairs.
~He is a super fast runner and just loves to take off, he is a huge tease and loves to play games like that.

I just cant get enough of Oliver he and I have such a special bond and feel like I never have enough time or loves from Oli. Both my kids I am obsessed and feel so blessed and happy with my family!


Grammi made me an outfit!

Cecily is so blessed to have so many talented and craft women in her family! Most recently her Great Grammi Joy made her this fun hankerchief dress and pants. She loves them! She refuses to wear them anywhere because she insists they are dress ups. Well at least I get to see her wear them around!

                                      Showing off the matching purse!!
Thanks Again Grammi!!



Cecily showing off her head stand skills

 Her painting skills, which she did perfectly I was super impressed with her precise(ness)
She was worried she would get paint on her shirt so she just took it off and covered up in her home depot apron.
Oli working on his pull up skills. He was dying to try it out after watching Kreg do it! Oli loved just hanging from the bar


More of Cecily's big day

 After the party our friends called and told us about a free kids craft going on at home depot. We really didnt have many plans for her birthday beyond the party so She and I ran over to the store to buld a tool box.
 She had a lot of fun Hammering
And sanding. She got to keep the apron, it has her name on it. Her plan is to paint to tool box pink and put her jewlery in it. Afterwards she chose to have a corn dog for her b-day dinner and then she opened gifts from family. Spoiled again. We then rode bikes outside and went on a nature walk to the creek and around the lake near our house. We saw a fish, a rabbit, and a baby snail on her walk. She was so happy about everything all day. She never mentioned to anyone that it was her birthday but she told EVERYONE that she is 4. She even told one lade she would be 5 next year. I told her to slow down and just enjoy being 4. She is dying to be older for some reason.
I just can't get enough of my sweet girl! She is so much fun and so smart. She really knows how to push my buttons and I am so thankful for that, I am learning new things from her everyday. She is such a blessing in our lives and I am so happy that 4 years ago she made me a mama! We love you buggy! Happy Birthday CC girl!

Cecily is 4!

 CC sporting her new helmet with her new bike!
 She rolled out of bed literally and opened her first gift from Oliver. She just kept saying "Oh my goodness" over and over.
 I knew she would be more than excited to have a real dress up wedding dress. (anytime you talk to her about her bride dress ups she would always mention she only had a wedding skirt and not a dress)

The big 4 yr old waiting for her Pool Party to start.
 She wanted a princess party but because we were just swimming she ended up getting a modge podge of decorations. She thought it would be best to have blue hats and blue cupcakes for the boys.
 Here is the cake I made. I had so many fun ideas in my head for her "princess party" but since we had one day to plan/execute the party we ended up just doing a totally low key swim party. I did do part of the cake I was wanting to do so I was satisfied.

 After eating Cecily's favorite pizza, cake and ice cream the kids did trains down the slide.
All the friends that came! We had fun celebrating our CC's birthday with all of her friends! Even though it was a little cold (who would have thought it was going to be cold in August. Oh wait we do live in MN) Cecily had a fun party and got spoiled with gifts! We are so blessed to have so many great friends that care about us. They truly are family to us!


Last of California summer '11

 We went to this fun pool, it also had a regular deep pool.
This little guy has really rurned into a swimmer the past few weeks. He will swim a few feet under water to and from people or to and from the steps its so cute. He loves it too! I am always amazed at what kids can do at such young ages, I think we as adults hold them back alot becuse we are scared for them.

Practicing their T ball skills!

Kreg and I spent the day shopping and playing in San Francisco! It was much need and so much fun! I loved having unlimited hand holding time with my LOVE!

We shared a deliscious bowl of crab and clam spicy chowder at the fishermans wharf. My fav!


Officially a toddler

 This is what happens when I am busy unpacking from our trip and Oliver finds a fun, green, rubber stamp in CC's room.
He is so mischevious lately and such a tease. I stuck him in the tub so I could scrub him off, I wanted to get a picture first and the little stinker tried to escape. Gotta keep my eye on this one!

More Avila

 We went to the Avila Valley Farm and fed the animals. Such a cute little farm/market. They grow their own fruits and veggies yum!

 We played at this cute little park near the beach. Oli loved the rocking horse.

 Playing giant checkers.
 We hit the beach super early the day we left so we could get some good play time.

 There were lots of dogs being walked on the beach in the morning, most of the dogs would run through where we were playing but this one just came right next to me and sat down. It was so funny! We were laughing so hard because it suprised us and the dog was huge but so sweet.
 Oliver Brooks and Paul Brooks.
Lovin the swing!

Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa for such a fun trip to the  beach!!