More of Cecily's big day

 After the party our friends called and told us about a free kids craft going on at home depot. We really didnt have many plans for her birthday beyond the party so She and I ran over to the store to buld a tool box.
 She had a lot of fun Hammering
And sanding. She got to keep the apron, it has her name on it. Her plan is to paint to tool box pink and put her jewlery in it. Afterwards she chose to have a corn dog for her b-day dinner and then she opened gifts from family. Spoiled again. We then rode bikes outside and went on a nature walk to the creek and around the lake near our house. We saw a fish, a rabbit, and a baby snail on her walk. She was so happy about everything all day. She never mentioned to anyone that it was her birthday but she told EVERYONE that she is 4. She even told one lade she would be 5 next year. I told her to slow down and just enjoy being 4. She is dying to be older for some reason.
I just can't get enough of my sweet girl! She is so much fun and so smart. She really knows how to push my buttons and I am so thankful for that, I am learning new things from her everyday. She is such a blessing in our lives and I am so happy that 4 years ago she made me a mama! We love you buggy! Happy Birthday CC girl!


MarkandFred said...

Happy Birthday, we wish we could have celebrated with you! We love you and can't wait to play with you again!

-Mark and Mallory

Quists said...

We're so glad we got to share in her big day - what a darling little girl. Love you Cec.

Richard & Analeis said...

Oh Anna. How I miss you! I'm so proud of you. You're raising 2 beautiful children. I love getting to know the fam from your wonderful blog.

Grammi Joy said...

So cute AND she knows it! xo