Fisher's come to visit

We went to Minnihaha falls for a picnic and to play!
Kreg's sister Kim and her Husband Craig and baby Eli came to visit us in MN for a week! We had lots of fun showing them around the city and visiting with them. Here are some pictures I stole from Kim because I was horrible about taking my camera(So unlike me). Anyway these are not in order at all.

Oli and E loved playing together. sure wish we lived closer so this could happen more often:)

                       Eli, Cecily, and Blue at the Mall of America
                                            Eli was doing some intense work on the computer. Hence the Helmet!
The boys playing at the lake
 Wading in the water at Minihaha falls
Cecily jumped in on a family photo with some random kids and Dora

                                  Cecily and Mickey Mouse at the Twins game. She took her baby doll and her sling to the game. She kept sitting down to "feed" her baby. People kept commenting about how it looked like she was breastfeeding. ha ha oh CC you're so silly!
Our family at the Game!
We loved playing games at night even if I got a little competetive (sorry Craig)
We loved going to the lake, sculpture gardens, salvation army, Mall of America, the Falls, The game, The park, and pool. Little E look for your late birthday present in the mail next week. Love you all!

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Quists said...

Wow! You are such a fun hostess! Great ideas of lots of fun things to do. I laughed at the CC jumping in picture with random family. Too funny. So, is Kim's husband also Craig or did you spell your husband's name wrong? Silly question, but I'm wondering. :) Love the family Twin's pic!