These boots are made for walkin.

This little guy is hilarious! Just in the last few weeks his personality has really blossomed. He is talking so much more and is so funny. He is wild and crazy too.
He knows how to climb on the couch and yells "SIT" the whole time he is running and jumping on the couch. He loves to say "Cheese" and show you his 10 teeth. He just got 5 teeth this week including his molars I had no idea were even coming. He has 4 on top in front, 2 top molars, 2 bottom front teeth and then 2 on either side of those that just poked through but are not very visable.
He loves to sing 3 little fish and patty cake just like CC did at this age. (mom, rmember when we got CC's potraits taken at 18 months and the only way to get her to look at the camera was to sing 3 little fish)
He loves to run fast and DANCE. He has the moves that for sure.
He is so cuddly and sweet and loves babies.
All in all he is our energetic all BOY little man. Kreg thinks he will be our wild one in the family.


Laura said...

he's so handsome and i love the boots... xo

Quists said...

I love the boots picture! Awesome Oli! We love you!(Have I heard of the song 3 little fish?)