Cecily started her last year of Pre-K last week and is loving it so far!
She is in the 4's Class with Ms. Emily. She has 2 of her good friends Hazen, and Sofia in her class and that is super fun for her! She also gets to see her friends Ella and Ruby on the playground! Cecily goes 3 days a week this year and is learning so many great things, her class room has a smart board so she is already super tech savy!
A few other things about our 4 going on 14 yr old,
She has her 1st major crush on a boy. Sophia's big Brother Ethan. He is 6 and tall, dark, and handsome. I dont like to feed into the crush because she is so little even though its totally innocent. I do however love E to pieces so I dont completely object. I taught E when he was a sunbeam and he was my favorite student for sure. He is such a sweet, kind, repectful boy! What more could a parent want for her child, oh wait maybe for her child to be a good 20 yrs older ;)
Here are a few conversations we have had about E. Just for the record.
When getting ready to go to a party :
CC" mom is E going to be at the party?"
Mom" Yes, why?"
CC with a bashful smile on her face "Just wondering"
mom"why do you think he's cute?"
CC "I just love him!"
Mom "You love him? what do you love about him?"
CC" he is just so nice! Mom when dad asked you to marry him did he get down on his knee like this?" (shows me)
Mom" yes why?"
CC" because E did that when we were playing and he asked me to marry him."
Mom" and what did you say?"
CC" I said Oh YEA!!"
On sunday at church E was not inprimary. CC kept raising her hand to tell the leaders E was missing. She did not like that he was absent one bit.

Another sunday we were sitting 5 rows ahead of E and she kept looking back. I asked her to turn around and stay forward. She replied "I want to look at Ethan!"

Whenever we are playing pretend she somehow will bring up her husband Ethan.
I really try and just ignore it all, its seriously hilarious though.

Other teenage silliness she does,
Lately she has been so worried about what other kids are going to think or say about her whether it is about her hair, or clothes, or whatever. I feel so badly that she is already feeling this way and I am not sure where she gets this idea. She is well liked and I know she isnt teased or anything, I think she is just such a perfectionist that she is already putting so much pressure on herself, and worrying about things like this. I tell her that we dont need to worry or care about what others think but that as long as we and Heavenly Father are happy with what we do and how we act that is all that matters.


The other day Oliver and her got hurt. Oli's injuries were much worse than hers, after I figured out that she was ok, I expressed my worry about him. She started crying and said "Mom you arent worried about me?" I told her I didnt need to be worried about her because she was fine, and that made me happy. I told her I loved her and that I was glad I didnt have to worry about two kids.

The next day She, oli and I were playing pass the ball whenever it wasnt her turn with the ball she was a big grouch and pouting. Oh my how do you convince a 4 yr old its not always about them?

Today at Ice skating she did so well, she really focused on doing it all herself with out help. Even to the point of pushing her instructor's hand away and telling them she can do it alone! She wanted me to see her so she probably waved and put her thumbs up to me a good 20 times in her 30 min lesson!

Goodness she is a good girl and so smart. She is always listening to my conversations with other adults or on the phone and quizzing me afterward on what was said. She is so curious and happy. I just cant get enough of her and her extrordinary personality!!

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