Future gold medal Figure Skater

Cecily had a BLAST at her 1st Ice Skating lesson. I was amazed at her balance. She only fell a couple of times. She just enjoyed every bit of it and talked her teachers ear off like usual. She kept waving and yelling "Hi Mom" to make sure we were watching. After the lesson I asked if she wanted to come back next week and she replied "yes, but Mom can we please get some of those fancy pretty skates like the other girls?" I guess the rented hockey skates weren't her choice in footwear. I told her if we found figure skates really cheap we could get some. I did realize that this may not be the sport for me, I was freezing the whole time we were in the rink. I think we'll stick to dance and gymnastics after this.


Laura said...

she looks like a pro already! no wobbly ankles... xo

The Robinson's said...

She is so stinkin' cute Anna! Looks like she had great balance. You might not think its a sport for you, but it looks like CC might be spending a whole lot of time there. She seems to love it!

I love her hat. Its adorable. I noticed all the other kids were wearing helmets, what happened there? I would opt for the hat too!

Quists said...

Look at that smile on the ice! She looks so cute! I'm glad she had fun... I've been meaning to ask you about "how it went." Cute pics, and fun that the whole fam was there to cheer her on!