4 years

Kreg and I celebrated 4 years of marriage on the 26th we went to dinner and had the best time just being a couple!! We need to go on dates more often!

4 Years married to my Best friend!

Lillies my Favorite



We went Camping with our friends the Cardon's this past weekend, we had loads of fun enjoying the Minnesota outdoors. Cecily had a blast playing with Ella and Ava, sleeping in the tent and swimming at the lake!

Playing pony girl on Megan's leg. Poor Ella had to give CC a ride on her back!

CC and her yummy s'more face

These girls looked like Teenagers sitting and chatting! SO cute!


Reagan and Cecily

These two girls are so dang cute!

Oli is 3 and 1/2 Months

Oli is so fun! He loves to smile and laugh. He sure keeps us busy too! I guess a high maitenance mama dewerves high maitenance Kids!
Passed out after eating a load of grapes


Ballerina Birthday Party

Cecily had a great 3rd birthday bash, it was a Ballerina party with a bar and dance lessons. Cecily and her 6 besties had so much fun being Prima Ballerinas! The shoes

Sarah was a great Ballet instructor

The Bar the Hair and the Honorary Ballerina!

The party goods!

The invitation

More from Sarah's Visit

We hit up the lake and the pool trying to cool off from the sweating hot humidity~
We shopped and shopped some more! Mostly we went bargain hunting but we did go to the Mall of America 3 different times. Reagan and CC love the American Girl store and us Moms' love it too or maybe we just love watching our girly girls love it all!


My sister Sarah and her little girl Reagan came to visit us this week while Kreg was gone at a reatreat for school. We had so much fun shopping, playing, swimming, party planning and partying, and I suprised Sarah and took her to wicked for her birthday!

I loved the show so much and had so much fun! I cant wait to go to another show hopefully soon!


Im a Mormon

We have been hearing and seeing these ads on the TV and radio lately and It really excites me! It is a great concept, teaching non-members that we are normal people with great values and beliefs. I am so proud to be a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint aka a Mormon!

Go Here to see what the ads are about:

Go Here to see more of the Ads:

Go Here to Learn more about our faith:


Oliver's Blessing

Kreg gave Oliver such a nice blessing, I enjoyed what I heard of it; Cecily got a little sad about Dad and Oli going to the front of the chapel, she cried and kept saying I want the special blessing to be over, we have just learned that most events in our family end up being wild and crazy so we just go with the flow and deal. We unfortunately didnt get many good pics that day Im really sad about it but it was a crazy day. So I took these two photos of Oli when he was 3 months old about a month after his actual blessing, just so I could document him in his outfit. 

It was a great day having all of our families together and my brother even blessed his son Hudson at the same time! I have a feeling these boys will share a lot of special days in the future!


Summer Lovin

WE really know how to live up our summer life! We wish we could have summer all year round!

Swimming at the Lake with friends Slip and slide with friends

Mom and CC at the park

CC and Kreg making homemade ice cream


Little Fish

After teaching swim lessons for 10 years I have seen my share of Good and not so Good swimmers. Cecily gives me full bragging rights when I say she is a GOOD swimmer. I am so amazed by her determination and coordination. She really is an amazing little girl!


Best pals

I always knew Oli would LOVE his big sister but, I didnt realize how soon these two would bond. Cecily loves her little guy so much and he adores her. SHe is so good with/to him. SHe loves helping care for him and playing with him. THe other morning I was getting ready, the kids were in the front room, it was super quiet so I yelled to CC and asked her to come her (thinking she was doing something naughty) she said I cant Im sitting by Oli so he doesnt get sad!

Oliver had his first swimming experience today. He LOVED the water, despite the look on his face. I was so suprised because he loathes bathtime. He stayed in the pool for a good 20 min just content as can be. YAY for water babies!

Neighborhood party

We Had a fun Apartment complex party, we enjoyed summer time food and fun! The fire and police departments came to teach us about safety, the kids got to practice spraying the fire hose on the "burning" house. Cecily thought it was so fun of course! She got to go "fishing" for prizes, ballon animals were made for her and she ended the night with her girlfriends swimming in the pool with their clothes on! Talk about living it up being a kid. We are so lucky to have such great friends right in our complex. Cecily has 4 of her best gals right close by!