Grandma and Grandpa's sealling~ Seattle

The Happy couple

The Reid family and the inlawsGrandma and Grandpa and the grands and great grandsHappy forever family! I've talked about this event for months now and I was so happy to be there for the big day. My Dad's Parents were re-maried after 35 years of divorce and better than that they were sealed in the temple to their 4 children for time and all eternity! The sealing was so neat and so special, the spirit was extremly strong and the sealer did a very good job. The hugs that i engaged in after the ceremony were ones I will never forget, I felt so much love and happiness in the whole Reid family.

Oliver and Hudson were like little old men chatting with each other, they were smiling and even holding hands with one another. It was so dang cute! I know these two must have been great friends before they came to earth!Ashton couldnt help but be a pirate at the temple. I was fotunate enough to stay with my Grandma at her house the few days before. I have such a close relationship with her and love spending time with her, it had been almost seven years since I lived with her it was so great to be back at her home. We got to go shopping at the outlets with Grandma and Grandpa and some of my immediate family and then to the beach. I got to catch up with many cousins I havent seen for a long time some even longer than 7 years. I got to sleep and my Aunt and Uncles and catch up with their family. I didnt grow up near any of my extended family so when I get the chance to get to know them better I really enjoy it!

My last day in seattle I got to spend some good time with my parents we went to the waterfront in seattle, at some amazing seafood, went shopping and had fun!
It was such a great trip! I just whish Kreg and Cecily could have been there to meet my family.

I was so busy having fun and having conversations I didnt take many pictures which I am sad about later.

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