Reagan's B-day and 4th Activities

My Sister Sarah Does an awesome job party planning, she executed a super cute Ice Cream social party for her little girl Reagan. She even had a soft serve Ice cream machine in the garage. Reagan is a doll and had such a fun time, the kids had a blast playing with cousins. Happy birthday Reagan! Thanks for waiting to celebrate so we could be there for the fun!
We went to a fun 4th of July festival in my Sister's small town, the kids loved the jump houses and blown up obstical course. We also Loved he fireworks! CC thought they were too loud and scary, she found a good spot next to Ashton so she would be safe. Kreg's Mom and Sister joined us as well which was fun to have both families there!

Summer Vacay part 1 ~Utah

We started out our trip in Utah for My niece Reagan's B-day, Family Pictures for my Dad's Campaigne, the 4th of July and Oliver's Blessing. It was so fun being with our families and enjoying some of the festivities we normally miss out on. I will break up the posts by activities so they last longer.
Us Reid girls went and saw Eclipse together! I was so excited I got to go with this time!
Oli and Hudson meeting for the first time. Hudson is exactly a week older than Oliver But, not suprising he is much bigger. It will be so fun watching these two grow up and be friends. I tease and say Hudson will be Oli's body guard.


2 1/2 month stats

MY Smiley little man.

We just got back from an awesome trip to Utah, Idaho, Washington, and California (posts to come). I took Oli to the Dr yesterday for his 2 month well check. His stats are:
Weight: 10 LBS 10 OZ 12%
Height: 22 1/2 in 16%
He is getting so big! Yes he is small but he is a whole pound bigger than CC was at this age so to me he feels really big! He is such a great baby, his first month he was hard (cried alot, never slept) but now he is a Dream! He wakes up happy, eats, smiles and coos and then sleeps again. We are having so much fun with this smiley little guy, he melts my heart and makes us all so happy!
We tried out the bumbo today and he LOVED it! Just chilled in it for the longest time watching his sister be a spaz.
I am so blessed to have such great kids, I have to catch myself when I get impatient with them because they really are such good kids. I am one lucky lady!
Oliver's likes:
~His Dad, Even after being apart for three weeks Oli remembered his Dad and will give him the best smiles/ little laughs!
~ being Swaddled, he is getting bigger and stronger so its harder for the blanket to stay tight but, Oli loves being swaddled more than anything.
~ Drinking 3-4 ounces of Soy Formula
~ SLeeping 5+ hours at night, eating and going back to bed for 3 more hours
~ Loving his bed now that we are home, No more car seat sleeping! YAY
~His sister, you can tell she is already his favorite person. He loves to sit and watch her
~ His Momma of course he loves cuddling with me, and his Aunties and Grandma too, he had alot of great cuddling parteners in Cali!
~His binky is his best friend for now
~Being outside, even when he was brand new when he is fussy you can take him outside and he will calm right down. Just like his Mom and sister he is gonna be a summer person.
~Car rides. Cries. Alot!
~Baths, so far not a water baby but we will help him love it
~Being a free bird for too long, DId I mention he likes to be swaddled