Goal number 31

I found this to help me with accomplishing the goal. I probably wont get to making it until we get settled in CA for the summer or mabe not even till we are really settled in whoknowswhere in the fall. But, of course once I do get the book made I will share!



Of course Kreg graduated from BYU I a few weeks ago and I am now just getting pictures up from the event! I Graduated last summer but was nine months preggo and had no desire to do the whole walking to get the fake diploma and sit at commencement for two hours. to be honest I didnt really want to go to Kreg's either but I was a good supportive wife and went to see him walk. I didnt go to commencement because someone had to stay with CC ( I volunteered)

I am so so so excited for this next phase in our life, it will be alot like the last because we will still be in school, but we will be living somewhere with more action and unfortunately be more poor. this may sound like a bad thing to most people but it excites me to no end! I always love hearing stories from my parents college days about things they had to skimp on and how they had no money one month but some how they were blessed with the means to get by. I am hoping to really grow from this experience and have some real trials in my life. and of course lots and lots of fun through it all!!


Goals 89 and 90

Keep and food journal and exercise journal for a month, I decided these would be good things to do now that I am training for the marathon. I figured it would help keep me on track. It has been doing so much more this past week, it helped me realize that I do a lot of useless, unneeded snacking. Not necessarily on treats but just plain eating when Im not even hungry. Its even harder when you are feeding a baby that eats often, I guess I feel I need to eat whenever she does, so wrong! I am now more aware throughout the day about not only what I eat but how often and how much! I totally suggest doing this even just for a week so you can see what nutrition areas you are lacking in and what you may be getting more than your share of...oh carbs why do you have to be so bad for me?


We are moving in 2 weeks!

Its official we will be out of Rexburg in two weeks so if you want your hair done before I go get a hold of me really quick!

We are moving to California for the summer, we still dont know where we are going for Law School but I will for sure let everyone know when we do! As of right now it is between schools in California and one in Minnesota.....please pray that we go to Cali its so so much warmer than MN!


Vegas and Utah

My mom, sister, and I (and the kiddos) went to vegas and had a blast shopping, eating, and being in the sun! We didnt take alot of Vegasy pics so it kinda looks like we just went to the zoo but the animals were at the Mirage hotel where they have a dolphin and tiger (+other animals) exhibit. It was alot of fun to have a break from the cold and to be entertained by Ashton! It was a great last girls trip before I move away! Thank you Mom and Sar!!