ODE to Jillian

Remember HERE when I said She Kicks my butt, well she has out done herself and me with this one! Its my new fav. I still love the 30 day shred but to mix it up I use this as well I get more out of these videos when it comes to strength than ever before! I have never sweat so much in my life either!!

THANK YOU JILL for letting me hate you enough to love you!

3 years

I celebrated 3 FUN, Crazy, Busy, Exciting, Fulfilling, Memorable, and Loving years with him yesterday! Thanks for putting up with me and being patient ALL of the time! I love you more than you will ever know!

Here's to another fun-filled year!


Horse Races

We went to the Horse races over the weekend with some friends, it was fun to do something different! I wish the races were one after another (we had to wait 30 min in between each race) Luckily they had a really fun playground to keep the kids entertained! These are the only pics I got. I know I should have taken some of the actual races Duh!

Landon, Abby, and CC
Kreg and CC on her own race horse!



Back in Minnesota

Now that we are back in MN and back to a somewhat normal routine, we have been doing alot of really fun things. My camera has been getting fixed so sadly I dont have pictures of our activities that have included but not limited to:
A TWINS game!~ CC loved every time the Bear would come out on the field in between innings and do games, she also loved the $7 popcorn her daddy bought, and taking frequent trips to the drinking fountain (yea right were we going to spend more $$$ on a drink when the popcorn was$7)

The POOL with friends~ Little miss loves the water and is fearless in it, she was practicing jumping off the edge and diving under water the entire time

Kreg got to go to the PGA TOUR he got a bunch of autographs and watched TIGER at the driving range, He loved every min. of it!!

CAMPING we went on our first camping trip as a family last night, it was a wild trip getting there due to lack of directions and a wrong address, it was frustrating and annoying but Kreg said it will be a funny story later. Im still waiting for it to be funny! Cecily had fun searching for sticks for the fire, roasting mallows, chasing a little frog for about an hour, sleeping in the tent, she did wake up once in the night to have a conversation with her baby though. Needless to say it was a fun quick trip and I cant wait to do it again!!

Of course we have been to the PARK on one of the trips CC lost a hair bow (I didnt go back for it) both her shoes (I did go back for them) and even lifter her leg on a toy like a dog to pee, and yes she did pee like the dog all over herself and the sandm needless to say the PARK trip was ended early.

DECORATING this one's just for me although Kreg did help me put up some pictures on the wall, I love decorating and it never gets old to me. In fact I decorate and re-decorate a little to much just ask myt husband or my bank account!

WORKING OUT finally back to a normal exercise schedule thankfully! Kreg and I have been enjoying doing P90X together! Hopefully soon you will see some awesome muscles and definition over here!

DR'S APPOINTMENTS normally not considered fun but CC had a great two year check up she Weighs in at 23 LBS (7%) and is 31 inches Tall (22%) still little but still growing! She always gets really nervous when we go to the DR. no matter who its for and usually ends up in tears a few min after we enter the waiting room this time was no different. I bribed her with sucker I let her hold it and told her if she was a big girl with no tears she could have it when we left. Once the weighing and measuring was done she did pretty good except for the time she hit the Dr. in the face with the sucker, ( took it away at that point until the DR gave it back) even still the DR. was impressed with CC's ability to say sorry and and pronounce the DR's name correctly. She even sang a few songs for her and told her about all of her body parts. She got a flu shot via spray in the nose that she said tickled and then got to have the sucker once we were in the car! and the best part it she doesnt have to go back for a year unless she get sick. My favorite part of it all was when she kept saying she had to go poop as a way to get out of the appointment it only worked once then she had to wait until it was over.

SURVIVING NURSERY CC has never been to nursery with out me because it has been my calling for the last year so the new ward was a big adjustment for her. The first sunday was horible she Cried the entire two hours until she fell asleep on some other mom's lap that only came in to drop her kid off. This past sunday was much better, she Kept syking herself up for what was coming after sacrament, she would start breathing really hard and crying a little and then tell me she had to go to the bathroom I kept trying to reassure her that there was still two talks a song and prayer before she had to go to nursery but she didnt believe me. when it was time for class I surprised her with her baby I let her take it as long as she was brave with no tears it pretty much worked for the most part. She only cried a little when I dropped her off and then again when she had to go to the bathroom and I dropped her off again. I even peaked in on her she was enjoying singing and snack time! I think the whole ordeal was harder on me than it was on her. Who's the baby in this house?

Things we are looking forward too:
Farmers Market
Horse Races
Ward Party
Kreg starting school again (mostly Kreg's looking forward to that)
Our Anniversary


Navoo part 1

Remember how My parents took CC and I to Navoo and other church history sites clear back in June. and Remember how I havent even blogged about it yet. Well I have been so overwhelmed with choosing pictures since there are so many that I decided to just take it one post at a time and see how far I get. Anyway the trip was SO FUN! it was great because of WHO we were with and ofcourse WHERE we went! I loved having my parents all to myself (you can tell Im the youngest child right) and as for where we went here are the spots in no order:
Carthage Jail
Winter Quarters
Council Bluff
We also went to a fun hotel in Nebraska where Arbor day was started
we had such a great time and it was so neat to see where the pioneers were, it made it really real for me and helped strengthen my testiomony a lot. We were able to see where some of our ancestors lived in Navoo and one of the homes is still there and being lived in which was so cool! I loved the Navoo temple so much it is such a pretty temple and the feeling there was so different than any other I have been in. Adam-ondi-ahman was my favorite, its basically just a big piece of land but so neat to think that it is the place where it all started with Adam and Eve. I loved being there and just imagining what it must have been like.

THANK YOU again Mom and Dad for such a memorable TRIP!

More pics to come eventually


Thanks to Aunt Paige and her old Dress up Clothes CC had fun dressing up her feet while we cant say the rest of her was to dressed up considering she isnt wearing pants. Thats how she rolls though. I know my family is shaking their heads worrying a little more about the girl that loves to shake her bum for anyone that will watch and prefers to do it in just undies!

Some randoms from CA

Just found some more pics from CA on my computer. Still waiting for Kreg to go back to school so he can send me the ones from his computer. This girl loves the beach! When we first got there she went in the freezing cold water with her clothes on. She took off her pants and played in her underwear till she just couldnt take the cold any longer! Im glad my love for the beach has rubbed off on my daughter, maybe one day we can convince Kreg to let us live by it!

Our Whimsy

Check out a craft blog my sister and I have. A place to showcase our creations.
You can go there to see some of my recent Furniture re-dos. More to come this week as well!


More Zoo and Park pics


We were just in Utah for 10 days So CC and I could meet my new Niece Reagan and spend some time with family. We were able to do so many fun things, We went to Lagoon with my Mom's work, We went to the pool with my sister and some friends, We went to the Zoo with Kim and Craig and Uncle mark, We also went to a really fun park in Orem with them too to celebrate C's B-day. We spent lots of time with my sister and her kids, and of course my parents and Scott and Carly. It was such a great trip! We loved every min of hanging out with family! My camera was broken for much of the trip so these pics are all from other people!

I will post more from utah and of course everything from CA when I can!

Its A birthday!!!

Today My sweet baby is no longer a baby! She is officially 2!! As I sit hear and think about the two years she has been in my life I cant help but feel so overwhelmed with gratitude from my Heavenly Father for giving me such a beautiful girl! She and I are such great friends and I love being able to spend my days with her! She truly is a blessing and I feel so honored that Heavenly Father trusted me with her sweet spirit. I just hope I am living up to my title as Mom and teaching her to be the best she can be. The C girl holding Aunt Kimi's Purse at the Zoo

A few things she is doing...
~Counting to 10 With help on #5
~Singing her ABC's, Recognizing and knowing the sounds to 75% of the alphabet letters
~Singing lots of songs on her own including: Twinkle Twinkle little start, The Barney theme song, 3 Little Fish, Monkeys in a tree, Oh little Playmate, Popcorn popping, Happy Birthday, Jesus Wants me for a sunbeam
~ She is almost a pro at potty training
~She sleeps in a big girl bed with zero getting up in the night
~Talks our ears off all day
~Loves to go shopping and will look through racks of clothes saying "ah cute"
~ Can get dressed on her own

Just now I CC was across the room and I said Come here I need a big hug and a big kiss, She stays where she is holds out her hands like she's going to give me a hug and says " I can't Reach" She definitely has her own wild and fun personality!


California's New Junior Miss

My super fabulous Sister in-law Paige won the title of California Junior miss last Night!!! It is a scholarship pageant that she Rocked at! She of course won the talent portion with her amazing Violin skills and also won a $15000 Scholarship for a college of her choice! We are so so so proud of you Paige are so proud of your example to all of those around you! You are not only good at everything you do, you are also very humble and Christ like. We love you and Cannot wait for Next year for the America's junior miss pageant! I WILL BE THERE!!