Officially an Attorney

 So proud of Kreg and all of his hard work! (please notice CC's face, I have a million pictures of myself as a kid pulling that exact pose.)
 Grandma W. and her first born. ~Notice Oliver in the back running laps around the light pole. We couldnt get him to stop for even a second. He is our wild man...more on that later.
 Kreg trying to get Oli to take a pic, Oli struggling to get away and CC trying to boss Oli. I'm sure glad Kreg can just enjoy the moment!
 Grandma is a great sport with our wild ones!

  (Papa promised CC he would take her to temple square, I sure do love the feeling there!)

We went to Utah to visit family and for Kreg's swearing in. He was sworn in as an Attorney in Salt Lake City on Oct. 31st 2011. We were so blessed to have Susan come out and also have Gram and Papa there to support our family. We have had so much love and support from our families during all of our schooling and are so grateful to them for their love and generosity! It was such a treat to See Grandma W. even if it was only for a few hours! It gets us all so excited for our weeks with her and Grandpa at Christmas!
  The Ceremony was at Abravanale hall in SL and because that place is huge I wasnt able to get any pictures of Kreg in the actual ceremony so we attempted to get some outside. Oli was running wild after having to sit quiet for an hour. Papa took us to lunch before we headed over to Temple Square. It was a great day!


Zoo Day

We had amazingly warm weather last week, like 80's and it was perfect for me! We took trips to the zoo, park, and on walks. I loved seeing the colors and feeling the fall feel with the summer warmth! I tell you I am destined to live in AZ or CA one day!We had so much fun at the zoo. Oli is 5 months older than the last time we went so it was fun to see reactions to the animals. He was very stoic and serious but would get excited when you asked him about the animal. It was a perfect day with just the kids and I!


Dress up

Cecily wanted to wear my wedding dress, so we had a little photo shoot. Won't it be fun to show her in my dress at her wedding day! Oli wanted in on the action and went to Kreg's closet and said Daddy, Daddy so I put on Kreg's suit jacket he wore to our 2nd reception in UT. They are to cute!


With Oli and I being sick the last few weeks we have spoiled him with way to many shows. He now begs for shows whenever he is awake. We need to break the habit, but it does make it easier on a sick Mom when he can just chill out and watch some backyardigans and PBS. He seems so big to me lately I am loving his stage he is in!

Bon Fire and Fox

We went to a little Bon fire party with friends. It was a great way to usher in fall and say farewell to summer. We bundled up and enjoyed the evening. When we were packing up our car to leave Oliver kept saying Kitty over and over, I went to see what he was looking at and found this baby fox. I said nope not a kitty. We cant touch. It made me a little nervous but it was really neat even still. Ont the way to the bon fire we spotted an adult Fox. CC insisted it was the mama looking for her baby. On the way home from the eveing we saw 2 deer run across the road in front of us. I really love minnesota and the fabulous nature in our back yard. Literally. We live in a city but it is amazing the kind of animals that live near us.


 We have had some really chilly mornings and evenings lately. we turn on the space heater, bundle up and thanks to Pinterest we have had some yummy soups for dinner to warm us up!


Countdown to Halloween

CC made a paper chain countdown during conference for our trip to Ut for Halloween and for Kreg to be sworn in as an attorney. The kids and I are also making a trip up to Seattle with my sister and niece! We can't wait!!!


 Oli had a sick cough, I wanted to make sure it wasnt an ear infection so I took him to the dr. She perscribed some albuterol for his wheezing. The dr doesnt think it is a virus and is wondering if it is allergies. I wouldn't be suprised since allergies run in Kreg's family big time but, I am hoping for a virus so we dont have to do the Nebulizer every season. For my own Record the coughing started Sept 27th.
 We sing songs and do dances for him so he can be a little happier while he is getting his treatment. Kreg was having his turn performing.
Poor guy feels paralyzed during treatment. He sometimes wants to hold my hand through it, while I sing his favorite songs over and over.


Conference dance moves

Oli loves to dance, even if its to Hymns sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We are enjoying a Spiritually uplifting weekend watching General Conference.