Oli had a sick cough, I wanted to make sure it wasnt an ear infection so I took him to the dr. She perscribed some albuterol for his wheezing. The dr doesnt think it is a virus and is wondering if it is allergies. I wouldn't be suprised since allergies run in Kreg's family big time but, I am hoping for a virus so we dont have to do the Nebulizer every season. For my own Record the coughing started Sept 27th.
 We sing songs and do dances for him so he can be a little happier while he is getting his treatment. Kreg was having his turn performing.
Poor guy feels paralyzed during treatment. He sometimes wants to hold my hand through it, while I sing his favorite songs over and over.


mark said...

poor guy. love his hair in the 1st shot tho!

Laura said...

poor boy! it's funny that he won't move during the treatment! love him! xo

Quists said...

That is so sad. Great dance move Kreg!