Make believe

There is a lot of make believe and imagining that goes on at our home. These two Dressed up at Knight and Princess and then put on a play for me. Oli fought the dragon to save the princess then they ended the play at the ball dancing!


Cora is 1 month old!

 Our cute Cora is a month old! I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. Kreg said he feels like its been a month for sure. It feels fast but at the same time we can't remember what life was like with our sweet girl.
Cora at one month old:
~Eating 3 ounces every 2 or so hours during the day
~Taking cat naps. she has officially woken up and her personality is starting to show. She is hating day time sleep just like her siblings did. She only wants to be held to sleep and when she does sleep its no longer than an hour but most often 20 or so minuets. Kreg was the same way as a baby so it apparently runs in the family. Thankfully she is happy when she is awake, but likes to be held. Looks like we will need to bust out the carrier this week!
~She is wearing newborn diapers and clothes still. Not quite 7LBS. as you can see her weight is in her cheeks and double chin!
~She is starting to be unpredictable at night, some nights she will wake at 2:00 am and then again at 4:30 and some nights she'll sleep till 5. We are surviving but of course tired.
~She is really starting to focus and track things and people with her eyes, she is trying to smile, especially when we clap her hands together. We are so excited for her to start interacting more!
~We have another binky and swaddle baby on our hands!
Her goopy eye is all better, I'm glad it only lasted a couple of days so we don't have to worry about surgery later.


Cora Kathleen

Aunt Mallory Made Cora's announcement and I am obsessed with it! Thank you again Mal!

28 years and 3 weeks old

I had a birthday!  It was a fun weekend. My Mom Came down Friday morning, Cora woke up with a green goopy/crusty eye so I took her to the DR first thing to make sure it wasn't pink eye, come to find out its super normal for new babies to have tear ducts that don't work properly so a runny eye is normal and can take 6months to a year to work itself out, otherwise surgery may be needed (my Nephew Ashton  had the surgery twice.) So we are constantly wiping her eye, poor girl. after the DR, we took CC to school for her pancake pajama party day and then Mom, Oli, Cora, and I headed to Blue Lemon for lunch yum! We hit up some shopping before we met CC at home after school, then we went to the mall for some more shopping. Good thing my Mom was there, I don't think I'll be shopping very much anymore 3 kids is hard! ;( That night Kreg and I went downtown for some sushi at Takashi, it was so good and fun to be out with just us. We went home and had Cake with the kids and then just hung out. Perfect day! Saturday Kreg and I went early in the morning and exchanged Cora's car seat (I didn't like the one we purchased), then my Mom and I did a little more shopping, picked up In and Out for lunch and took it home to my family, the weather was so nice we sat outside in the sun for a good 2 hours! Heaven! That afternoon My Mom, Sarah, Carly, and I went to the SL Temple for a session, I had never done a live session there and had been wanting to for years. It is such a pretty temple! I loved my experience there! We then walked over to City Creek, did some shopping at Nordstrom and had dinner at 6 and Pine yum again! Clearly my birthday was about shopping and Food! It was a great weekend, I feel so young still, I just laugh because I feel like a teenager playing house with a husband and all these kids! I love my life and look forward to all the years and experiences waiting ahead for me.
Cora girl is 3 weeks already! Most days I feel like she has been here forever! I love that newborns just seem to fit perfectly in the family and you instantly forget what life was like with out them. 
Cora at 3 weeks is
Sleeping amazingly! she Wakes up around 8 am and is awake for 3-4 hours, then eats and sleeps on and off until around 5-6pm has another long awake time till about 9-10:30 then sleeps till 4:30-5am eats goes right back to sleep till 8 am. It is perfect for us! 

She eats 2-3 ounces every 3 or so hours during the day

She weighs 6.9 as of friday at the DR. so she gained 5 oz in a week!

She developed a little baby acne this week on her cheeks, so along with her runny right eye and her peeling skin that leaves her hair kinda dandruff (y)  she looks a little worked right now but we think she is beautiful!

She is focusing on our faces with her eyes more and more and today when I was talking to her, I could tell she was trying to smile. It will be anytime now!

She is a very noisy baby, she squeaks and grunts all the time, the DR and Nurse even mentioned how noisy she was, but they both said she is happy though and she really is! Like I mentioned before that she has two really long awake times during the day and during those times she is just happy. She only really fusses if you don't get her food quick enough or she is cold.

She loves to be swaddled and loves her Binky just like the other 2 kids. I haven't tried wearing her in a carrier yet but I plan to this week. I have a feeling she will love it! She is also like the other two kids and not to stoked on the bouncer or the swing. She likes to be held or just put in her bed for sleeping.