Cora is 1 month old!

 Our cute Cora is a month old! I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. Kreg said he feels like its been a month for sure. It feels fast but at the same time we can't remember what life was like with our sweet girl.
Cora at one month old:
~Eating 3 ounces every 2 or so hours during the day
~Taking cat naps. she has officially woken up and her personality is starting to show. She is hating day time sleep just like her siblings did. She only wants to be held to sleep and when she does sleep its no longer than an hour but most often 20 or so minuets. Kreg was the same way as a baby so it apparently runs in the family. Thankfully she is happy when she is awake, but likes to be held. Looks like we will need to bust out the carrier this week!
~She is wearing newborn diapers and clothes still. Not quite 7LBS. as you can see her weight is in her cheeks and double chin!
~She is starting to be unpredictable at night, some nights she will wake at 2:00 am and then again at 4:30 and some nights she'll sleep till 5. We are surviving but of course tired.
~She is really starting to focus and track things and people with her eyes, she is trying to smile, especially when we clap her hands together. We are so excited for her to start interacting more!
~We have another binky and swaddle baby on our hands!
Her goopy eye is all better, I'm glad it only lasted a couple of days so we don't have to worry about surgery later.


Craig, Kimi, Eli, and Owen said...

I can't wait to meet that sweet girl! The cat naps in during the day MUST run in the family, Owen does the same thing. And lucky for you the goopey eye has resolved itself! We're still cleaning goop all day everyday(at least it feels that way!). See you in a couple weeks! yaya!

Rhonda said...

She is so cute and tiny!