CC can totally climb them~ My life just got a whole lot more stressful, oh and she is taking steps by herself...not to much longer and she will be walking around everywhere!


Cecily has new TRICKS!!!

Ok so we are here in sunny, warm California and we are having lots of fun already! We have been swimming in the pool, playing out side at the park, and of course shopping! While we were in Utah for a short minuet with my family Cecily learned how to crawl, she just did it all of a sudden , I really thought she would learn to walk first because she never really showed interest in crawling but she suprised me and everyone else and just did it! She is also walking every where...with our help, she basically uses her crawling skills to get to someone then grabs their hands so she can stand up and walk around. We got her a walker that she loves, we put her outside in it and she had fun chasing Fred (the dog) around. (This picture is of me digging grass out of her mouth she got from Fred's fur)

She is pulling herself up on everything, needless to say nap time is a chore because of this new found game of pulling herself up on the crib then letting go for a big bounce on the mattress as annoying as it is getting her to sleep its even cuter to watch her play the game!
Kreg is looking hard for a job, and I am just enjoying my time in the sun and waiting patiently for swim lessons to start. Cecily and I will be back in Utah for a week the 21st of May to see my sister's new baby who will be born in 7 days! so call me to play or what ever!