Sunny weather

 First off I finally got a picture of Oli's cute little teeth! By how grumpy he has been lately I would expect to see lots more real soon!
 We had a warm day so we went to the park with lots of friends! It was so nice to get some Vitamin D!

 That is a BIG slide!

I sure do LOVE when these two play together!!


A Delicious Snack

Oliver has been teething for what seems like a month, He has had a runny nose that causes a cough and he is GRUMPY to the max! Cecily was having a frozen gogurt the other day, Oli wanted it of course, I got him one and he was in heaven!! I think the cold felt good on his mouth and I was happy to get him to eat something!!


Easter Sunday

We decided to do a new tradition and Celebrate all the Easter bunny type stuff on Saturday so we can purely focus on the true meaning of Easter and on Christ on Easter Sunday. I really enjoyed it this year and felt like we really kept a good spirit of Christ in our home. We were also able to have a YUMMY dinner with our friends the Lunas. It was such a great way to end our celebration, spending it with good friends. Cecily even got to participate in one last egg hunt she had so much fun!

Happy Easter

Here are some fun pictures of the freezing cold egg hunt and some of our other festivities for the bunny portion of our Easter.

 CC with her new barbie and dress ups.

 Oli playing in the eggs after the hunt.
 He liked carrying around his bucket
I'll post some fun videos later.


Walking footage

Dancing Queens

Raw footage of the dancing girls and a funny ending!

Cute little girlies!

 My sister and my niece came this week for a visit and we had so much fun shopping, eating out, playing, and watching movies. We love having visitors!! Oliver and Cecily LOVED having Reagan here to play, I was so glad that CC did so well with RJ, they played well and Cecily was happy to share her toys. Oli adored her and followed her everywhere. I really owe his quick progress at walking to RJ, he wanted to keep up so bad that he just had to walk! She is the cutest little tom boy! With two big brothers its all she knows, its fun for Cecily and her to play together and CC can show her the ropes on all the fun girly things.
I stole the pictures below from Sarah's blog ;)



Too cute not to share


This cute boy is officially a walker! He has been taking lots of steps for over a month but last week he just really started walking. I just love that cute hands up in the air, stiff legs, and little wobble walk. He loves his new found trick, the second he is awake he is up and going, he is so proud of himself as are we of course!


Clean House = Happy Mom

I am a little OCD about cleaning, and you better believe I am hoping to instill this in my children.
Dont worry We make it FUN!


Swimming in the rain

It was really warm out but it was suppose to rain well what do you do in that situation? Put on your swim suit and grab your umbrella OF COURSE!!


11 months

One more month and my baby is ONE!!
He is learning and growing so much and is still dealing with being a sicky. Poor guy, its never ending. He had pink eye in both eyes this past week and as soon as that was gone he woke up with a cough. Even still he is my happy patient boy.
Signs he knows: More, all done, eat, thank you, splash, waves hi and bye.
He is really wanting to walk he will take about 10 steps back and forth from mom and dad.
Loves being outside and taking baths. Loves playing catch with the ball and playing with cars.
He is such an easy, chill baby! We have so much fun with him!



 I found them like this. I about died with happiness. They are adorable with each other!

Love that she is decked out in her dress ups and he is in his Jammies.


Oli our outdoors man

 Oli Loves being outside. This week it has been warm so he spends a lot of time on the deck playing. If he isnt on the deck he is most likely at the glass door banging and crying to go out. Its really cute!

 He loves balls and loves throwing things.
Loving the sun and the fresh air!


Children's Museum

We had a fun day at the Children's Museum with our friends. The last time we went Oli was just 5 weeks old so this time around he really enjoyed himself! He is getting so big and having so much fun exploring and learning! It is so fun for me to watch both of the kids figuring it all out!

 Cecily and her friend Eden made dinner, then CC suggested they pray over the food. and that she did!
 Oli is obsessed with Cecily's play kitchen so I was not suprised that he took right to this kitchen as well. This  boy LOVES food!
 And Water!
 Cute girls dancing to the colored lights!
 I thought I had lost CC for a few min at one point. I found her on stage playing the star of the show. Again I was so NOT suprised. She is a ham and a diva so Naturally she would be singing at the top of her lungs in front of complete strangers.
 It was fun crawling through caves
 My little Prince and Princess
We had fun at the museum and both of the kids were tuckered out after. I call that a SUCCESS!!