Children's Museum

We had a fun day at the Children's Museum with our friends. The last time we went Oli was just 5 weeks old so this time around he really enjoyed himself! He is getting so big and having so much fun exploring and learning! It is so fun for me to watch both of the kids figuring it all out!

 Cecily and her friend Eden made dinner, then CC suggested they pray over the food. and that she did!
 Oli is obsessed with Cecily's play kitchen so I was not suprised that he took right to this kitchen as well. This  boy LOVES food!
 And Water!
 Cute girls dancing to the colored lights!
 I thought I had lost CC for a few min at one point. I found her on stage playing the star of the show. Again I was so NOT suprised. She is a ham and a diva so Naturally she would be singing at the top of her lungs in front of complete strangers.
 It was fun crawling through caves
 My little Prince and Princess
We had fun at the museum and both of the kids were tuckered out after. I call that a SUCCESS!!

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Laura said...

looks like a lot of fun. i love the saying the prayer over the food.