11 months

One more month and my baby is ONE!!
He is learning and growing so much and is still dealing with being a sicky. Poor guy, its never ending. He had pink eye in both eyes this past week and as soon as that was gone he woke up with a cough. Even still he is my happy patient boy.
Signs he knows: More, all done, eat, thank you, splash, waves hi and bye.
He is really wanting to walk he will take about 10 steps back and forth from mom and dad.
Loves being outside and taking baths. Loves playing catch with the ball and playing with cars.
He is such an easy, chill baby! We have so much fun with him!


laurareid said...

he is a little handsome guy! love the "harris" smile he has...

Mark said...

olli...! sorry you were asleep when we skyped buddy