Cute little girlies!

 My sister and my niece came this week for a visit and we had so much fun shopping, eating out, playing, and watching movies. We love having visitors!! Oliver and Cecily LOVED having Reagan here to play, I was so glad that CC did so well with RJ, they played well and Cecily was happy to share her toys. Oli adored her and followed her everywhere. I really owe his quick progress at walking to RJ, he wanted to keep up so bad that he just had to walk! She is the cutest little tom boy! With two big brothers its all she knows, its fun for Cecily and her to play together and CC can show her the ropes on all the fun girly things.
I stole the pictures below from Sarah's blog ;)



The Robinson's said...

How adorable are these little girly girls!! CC is such a Diva!! Look at that pose of hers sitting on the bench in her dress up!

My tomboy girl Ali puts on her dress up clothes and then goes out to play baseball. Go figure!

laurareid said...

those are cc's pjs she is wearing! silly gram! xo