Insta Life

 These two are best friends and do everything together! I love watching them and catching them being sweet and playing together! Cecily is reading more and more each day and we are all lucky enough to have her read to us!
 Oliver isn't particularly fond of the car wash. He says it's scary. So Cecily being the great big sister she is offered to hold his hand through the Wash. If she ever let go he would ask "please can I hold your hand CC?"
 Cecily is really blossoming in her gymnastics, she loves going to her lessons and practices all. the. time. at home. Her new favorite is handstands against the wall. Oliver likes to practice his tricks too!
 I have been soaking up all the time I have left with my firstborn girl! We are both so excited about having another girl in our family, but I know things will be different so I am just cherishing the time I have with just the two kids!
 For MLK day we hit up Jungle Jim's for some fun! I used to take the girls I nannied there all the time so it was fun to take my own kids a good 8 years later! The place hasn't changed at all. The kids loved the rides and had so much fun! Kreg and I were laughing constantly at their happy reactions to everything! It was fun watching Oliver experience riding rides on his own for the first time, Its sad to think he won't ever know the Mall of America like CC did.
We are spending lots of our time preparing for Cora to arrive, most importantly planning outfits and matching sister outfits at that! This is the "coming home from the hospital" outfit. Cecily is so excited to Match with Cora on the day she comes home! Twinner gold sparkly sweaters, leopard dresses, and pink headbands! I just might have to wear a leopard top to coordinate ;)


Cousin Sleepover

 We went swimming and to lunch with all the cousins on Wednesday! It was a fun time, We have been wanting to have Hudson sleepover ever since we moved to UT, and this was the perfect time to take him home with us. We got home and played, had dinner, made cookies (pic below, it was impossible getting all 3 of them to look at the camera AND smile)
                                        They played with ALL the toys in Oli's room!
                                                                           Gave loves
                      Which turned into a wrestling match, don't worry they were both laughing!
                                                       Had a bubble bath
                                    Wrestled some more! Oli was trying to save Hud from Kreg
                                 Watched an intense movie (the Lorax) as you can tell by their faces
Hudson had a little sad moment when it was time for bed, he kept telling us he was ready to go home and done with the sleepover, He said he didn't like my house, he just liked "mommy's house". He was upset but fell asleep quickly after we gave him a puppy to cuddle and I sat next to his bed. I was not allowed to rub his back or touch him, but I had to stay right by him till he fell asleep. I had woken up at 5 am the next day (darn pregnancy insomnia) I got a few things done around the house and right when I went back to bed around 6:15 Hudson woke up, so he and I made Banana bread. He told me he liked my house again and it was so fun! Im so glad he changed his mind! We loved having him come and hope he'll do it again soon!


Pregnancy less than a month left!

 The kids are constantly talking to Cora and loving on her, I'm sure she will recognize their voices right away!

We are getting so anxious for Cora to get here! We have less than 3 and 1/2 weeks left! I have been in major nesting mode for the last month or so, I love the urge to organize and clean! My morning sickness has come back in waves, mostly after I eat. I am pretty uncomfortable and sore. My hips and back hurt a lot, especially when I try to sleep. I have insomnia at night so by the time morning rolls around I am zonked because of being up so late, thankfully my kids are so good about letting me sleep when I can and thankfully CC is so self sufficient and helpful with Oliver. I am so blessed with such great kids! Cora is a mover, and is constantly going, while painful at times I LOVE feeling her move and kick. Its my favorite thing about being pregnant. We are so excited to hold her and love on her! I can't wait to meet her and see what she looks like!

  I haven't had much swelling in my hands and feet, just in my feet if a sit a long period of time but even then its nothing like when I was pregnant with Cecily! I am still craving apple juice, smoothies, and treats unfortunately! I try not to indulge to much but its hard. We are pretty much ready for our little Coco to get here! Bags are packed, Car seat is purchased and waiting to be installed in the car, nursery is ready for the most part! I am not prepared because I think I may go into labor in fact I know I will not go early, I am just one of those people that is ultra prepared and organized. February 8th, 2013 around 7:45 am can't come soon enough!



 We went to Napa for the Day and had a great time like always! (thanks Mal for your pics) Grandma and Grandpa Wagner made  us a nice lunch and we had fun visiting and playing at Aunt Cathy's and Uncle Mikes. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of any of them!
 I love that our kids can make memories exploring all the land on Hazelwood dr just like their parents did as kids!

 So much fun with Cousin Dean! Oliver is a few weeks older than Dean but Dean is about as tall as CC!
 Cory, Katie, and Dean have the most awesome house and yard! They raise Goats and Chickens, the kids had so much fun experiencing their little farm!
                                                              Beautiful isn't it!
                             I had to have a picture of Paige on the blog!

 Cecily got some eggs from the Chicken coop. She opened one of the doors and then slammed it shut while screaming "oh no there is a Hen in there pooping out an egg!!"
                                   The kids played king of the hill on these hay bails

 and then the goats got in on the action!
                                    and took over! The kids got pushed off by the goats, it was hilarious but scary for the kids!

 Dean has the most fun Swing set, tractor you can drive, trains and every other toy you can dream of! The kids would have stayed forever if we would have let them! We even got to try fresh Goat milk, it was yum!
                Thanks for having us over and showing us around! Can't wait to do it again!