Cousin Sleepover

 We went swimming and to lunch with all the cousins on Wednesday! It was a fun time, We have been wanting to have Hudson sleepover ever since we moved to UT, and this was the perfect time to take him home with us. We got home and played, had dinner, made cookies (pic below, it was impossible getting all 3 of them to look at the camera AND smile)
                                        They played with ALL the toys in Oli's room!
                                                                           Gave loves
                      Which turned into a wrestling match, don't worry they were both laughing!
                                                       Had a bubble bath
                                    Wrestled some more! Oli was trying to save Hud from Kreg
                                 Watched an intense movie (the Lorax) as you can tell by their faces
Hudson had a little sad moment when it was time for bed, he kept telling us he was ready to go home and done with the sleepover, He said he didn't like my house, he just liked "mommy's house". He was upset but fell asleep quickly after we gave him a puppy to cuddle and I sat next to his bed. I was not allowed to rub his back or touch him, but I had to stay right by him till he fell asleep. I had woken up at 5 am the next day (darn pregnancy insomnia) I got a few things done around the house and right when I went back to bed around 6:15 Hudson woke up, so he and I made Banana bread. He told me he liked my house again and it was so fun! Im so glad he changed his mind! We loved having him come and hope he'll do it again soon!

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