We went to Napa for the Day and had a great time like always! (thanks Mal for your pics) Grandma and Grandpa Wagner made  us a nice lunch and we had fun visiting and playing at Aunt Cathy's and Uncle Mikes. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of any of them!
 I love that our kids can make memories exploring all the land on Hazelwood dr just like their parents did as kids!

 So much fun with Cousin Dean! Oliver is a few weeks older than Dean but Dean is about as tall as CC!
 Cory, Katie, and Dean have the most awesome house and yard! They raise Goats and Chickens, the kids had so much fun experiencing their little farm!
                                                              Beautiful isn't it!
                             I had to have a picture of Paige on the blog!

 Cecily got some eggs from the Chicken coop. She opened one of the doors and then slammed it shut while screaming "oh no there is a Hen in there pooping out an egg!!"
                                   The kids played king of the hill on these hay bails

 and then the goats got in on the action!
                                    and took over! The kids got pushed off by the goats, it was hilarious but scary for the kids!

 Dean has the most fun Swing set, tractor you can drive, trains and every other toy you can dream of! The kids would have stayed forever if we would have let them! We even got to try fresh Goat milk, it was yum!
                Thanks for having us over and showing us around! Can't wait to do it again!

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