Recap of 2012

What a year it has been! I love looking back each year month by month and thinking about all we did and experienced! This year was just as exciting and eventful as the others!
January: We got home from CA and got back to life ie Preschool, friends, the freezing cold in MN, Kreg took the GMAT with plans on doing a masters in Finance program Possibly in UT.  Kreg also was applying for jobs like crazy, in MN, UT, and CO. We had colds and flu bugs
February: More of the same, just living and loving life in the cold, more applying for jobs and Kreg was still working at Thompson Rueters, I was working at Lifetime fitness in the Child center. Cecily turned 4 and 1/2.
March: I Turned 27, went on a fun lunch date with CC and went to the temple and dessert with my girlfriends! Cecily learns to ride a 2 wheeler, we had an early spring, she learned to whistle and tie her shoes! Oliver had surgery on his sty on his eyelid. He did great and recovered fabulously! I had the flu twice. Still applying for jobs.
April: Kreg gets an interview with a firm in Colorado, so we rode tripped it out there, had fun exploring CO for a couple of days and then Kreg got another interview in UT so we furthered our trip and went for a quick visit to meet new nephew Bentley and Kreg interviewed at UAR. Had fun Celebrating Easter in UT with family. Kreg heard back from UAR and he got the JOB! We had less than two weeks to pack and move to UT! We said goodbye to all of our Family in MN and headed west. the kids and I flew, Kreg drove the truck and pulled our car.
May: Kreg starts work and loves it right away. Sarah and Aaron are so generous and let us live with them for a few weeks until our rental is available! (I am still so grateful for this time with my sister, I had so much fun being with her at her house!) Oliver turns 2! We enjoy the warm UT weather with lots of family time!
June: Had some visits with friends from MN, The kids and I road tripped it with Kim and Eli to CA for a  couple of weeks! Taught some freezing swim lessons and some nice warm ones! Kreg continued to love work! Moved into our house, Found out I am pregnant with #3!!
JULY: Wagner family reunion at Aspen grove! Morning sick, Kreg loves work. The kids love having the backyard and playing outside all day. Lots of swimming and cousin time! Kreg turns 28 More visits with Friends from MN.
August: Cecily turns 5! She is beyond excited to be five, I am having a hard time with it! Lots of fishing and hikes with Kreg.  Morning sick. Visit with from Grandma and the fishers. Brigham city temple open house. Kreg and I celebrate 6 years of Marriage!
September: Cecily starts Kindergarten and learns to read! Oliver and Mom love our 1 on 1 time. still morning sick. Family trip to St George for Kreg's work conference. Visit with Great G&G Baumgarten. CC and I go to the Aladdin musical, stop at Zions natl park for the day. Get a new nephew Owen. Find out Baby is a GIRL! Bought a van to prepare for our growing family! Kreg gets called to be assistant Scout master, I get called to be Young Women Secretary
October: Lots of Halloween Celebrations, Visit from Great Grammi and Gramps! Making new friends and getting to know people. Still morning sick. Back to the gym and working out again
November: Finally getting relief from being morning sick. Oli turns 2 1/2. Thanksgiving at Gram and Papa's. Get the flu. Getting ready for Christmas lots of decorating
December: Rudolf party. Kreg and I go away for the night and go to the draper temple. Chris comes home from his mission, have his homecoming and family dinner. Keep really busy preparing for baby (major nesting mode).  Have fun with our 25 days of Christmas activities. Christmas Eve and Christmas with the Reids Trip to CA with the Wagners!

We feel so blessed again this year. Our prayers and perseverance to find a job paid off and Kreg got his dream job with perfect hours, great people to work with and he loves what he does! I love that he is only ten min away and can come home for lunch most days and his home before 5:15 every night. We feel so blessed to have this job and live in UT. Kreg knew that was where we were supposed to be when he took the bar and he stayed faithful to that the entire journey. I am so grateful to be married to such a faithful, trusting, and hard working man. He is a fabulous father and husband to us! We are so happy and blessed to be adding another child to our family in a few short weeks, we are blessed with happy, healthy children and love them so much. We are happy to be living so close to so much family now and realize what a blessing it is! We are grateful for our testimonies and our faith in the Savior. We know nothing but the gospel will bring us true happiness in our lives.

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