Day 16 and 17

On the 16th Day of Christmas we went to Ogden to Chris's Homecoming and a family party. Chris did so well on his talk and has really matured while he was gone on his mission to the Philippines. Cecily was obsessed with him and rarely left his side or stopped talking about him. On the drive up to see him she was worried because she was having a hard time remembering him, but she warmed right back up to him in no time! Oliver gave him a big hug even though he was only 6 months old the last time he saw him, Oliver has a way of making anyone feel loved, even strangers! When Christ was baring his testimony in  Tagalog Oli said loudly in the chapel "what is he saying? Gobble,Gobble,Gobble?" it was so funny! I can see why he thought that, it is a unique language.  After church we had a reception for friends of Chris' to come and visit with him and then had a family dinner, the kids had a blast being wild with each other like always and us adults had fun chatting like always!

 Oliver had a run in with the corner of the wall. Thankfully we had already taken family photos. Poor guy!
 The two that started it all. Married for 34 years this week! Thank you for being a great example of marriage and love!
 The whole wild bunch of us. As you can see we have an energetic boy that doesn't hold still for anything! and a posing Diva!
Uncle Chris and all his nieces and Nephews. The last time he was with them all they looked like this 

On the 17th day of Christmas Santa came to our house!! I felt badly because we didn't have time to hit up the mall for our annual sit on Santa's lap, I was so tired that I had no energy left in the evening to do it, lucky for us Santa surprised us at home, he checked on the behavior of the kids and gave them a candy cane! The kids loved it! Cecily quizzed Santa on where his Reindeer were and he told her they were home grazing so they would have enough energy for Christmas Eve. After he left she gave us her magical explanation of how he appeared at hour house, she also mentioned that he must have been exercising lately because he was so much skinnier since the Rudolf party!

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Brittani Hamilton said...

so cute! what a fun Christmas season you are having