Friend Time

 In December we had some fun friend time! Our friends Avea and Anton came over for a late night stay. The girls had fun playing wedding, they took turns being the bride and groom.

And then we had popcorn and watch a movie!
And a really special treat, we had Rhonda, Ruby, and Cora over for the day while they were in UT for Christmas! The kids had so much fun and got along so well! It was perfect because Rho and I could just sit and chat like old times! It was so wonderful having them over, it felt like going home in a sense, Rhonda and I just understand each other and its so comfortable just being together! Makes us miss MN and all our great friends!
 They took face painting to the extreme! Oliver and Cora were like two peas in a pod! I wish we lived near each other, it would be so fun!
Cecily taught the girls how to play mother may I. We can't wait to go to LA to visit the Harris' and the Myers'!!

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Rhonda said...

Love those pictures--but they make me want to cry! We miss you guys so much...I am glad we got to spend the day with you though. Also, glad to hear you had safe travels to and from CA!