Phone Photos

 Oli was so happy about having celery for lunch on this day, the next day however, he said celery was gross.

 This is what Oliver does when he is trying to convince me that he is happy and not a grouch. "I'm not grumper Mom, see I happy!" I think its his way of counteracting sad eyes or tears when he is upset. It makes me laugh every time! This specific time we were at the store and he was being super whiny so I told him he was going to have a nap when we got home, he said "I not tired see I happy!"

 Cecily plays makeup a lot, she did her own this day and it actually looked good!

 We have had such nice weather lately (like Modesto Christmas weather) So we get to play outside and have sword fights with sticks while we eat our quesadillas!

Cecily likes to come home from school and teach me how to do her home work. She is a little smarty pants and because he work is easy for her she thinks she knows everything! We are hoping she will get into a really great Charter school for next year.

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