Days 9-15

 Day 9 We made a winter craft, paper plate snowmen with our friends Lucy and Maxwell.

Day 10  we had Hot cocoa and read a Christmas book (not pictured)
 Day 11 we played board games by the lights on the Christmas tree. Its always a fun time playing Chutes and Ladders with a 2 and 1/2 year old and a very competitive 5 yr old!

On the 12th day of Christmas we put our PJs on and drove around looking at Christmas Lights. Kreg and the kids would rate the houses from Gold being the top and a piece of Tin being the lowest ha ha I just had fun dreaming of all the fun ways to decorate a home with lights!

On the 13th day we made pizza shaped like a snowman and had bubbly to drink! The kids love to make pizza and put the toppings on themselves, they also love Martinellis!
On the 14th day we went swimming! We love swimming all year long and there are some great indoor pools around us. We are swimming again for another day activity so I will post pictures after that.
On the 15th day we were lucky enough to wake up to lots of snow, I was worried because playing in the snow was our activity but the night before we had none so I thought I was going to have to switch days up but when we woke up the kids were excited!

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