3rd, 4th,5th, and 6th days of Christmas

On the 3rd day of Christmas we went Shopping for families in our ward that are in need. Our ward gives the families gift cards so that the parents still have the satisfaction of going out and shopping for their families, which I think is great for them but a little less fun for us. But my kids ironically are obsessed with the gift cards near the checkout at Walmart and Target and are always asking me to "buy them those cute credit cards" so they were as happy as can be to go and pick out the best looking Christmas gift cards to give to the kids that can't afford Christmas. Oli picked a card shaped like a snow man and CC picked a card shaped like a Christmas Tree. We had a little lesson/ Chat before hand about the spirit of giving and thinking of others and taking care of those around us that need our help. along these same lines CC impressed me earlier this week at the store, she had some change in her pocket and when she saw the man outside the store with the bell and the bucket she was so excited to put all her money in the bucket. She said it made her happy to give her money to someone who needed it. Melted my Heart!

 On the 4th Day of Christmas we went downtown to Temple Square and City Creek to look at the lights and the Candy windows. It was the perfect night, warm enough not to freeze and not many people were there so Oliver could enjoy his time out of the stroller running like a free bird! He tends to take off so we usually have to keep him strapped in the stroller when we go to busy places. He LOVED all the blue lights and kept saying "look Mom its my favorite color!" It was fun reminiscing about going to see the lights all growing up. I hadn't been in over 10 years, I loved sharing this tradition with my own family!

On the 5Th day of Christmas we Read a Christmas book. Since I have no pictures of that we will take a look back at last weekend when we went to the festival of trees with Mark and Mallory! Another fun thing I hadn't done since I was a kid! It was fun seeing all the neat trees and the kids loved playing games with the tickets Dad and Uncle Mark bought them! Uncle Mark spoiled them and bought them more tickets after their parents were to cheap.He always wins the Fun Uncle Award!

 CC in front of the Pinkalicious tree
 CC and Mal in front of the cute ice cream tree!
 Oli chose the get a prize from the Christmas Tree game
 Oli was a little disappointing that his prize wasn't a treat. He got over it after he wont a sucker from the fishing game and then found another sucker on the floor. This boy lives for food and treats!
CC and Mark waiting in line for the giant bubble. I didn't get any pictures of her in the bubble but I got a video.

 On the 6th Day of Christmas we did a Christmas Art project. For young women that night we had a family of eight kids come to the church so the YW could play with them (their mom just had her 9th child under the age of 11) since it was an activity based around kids and most of the YW leaders myself included have to bring our kids because of our husbands callings or jobs it worked out great to just have a kid party. The kids had a blast playing Twister, reading Christmas stories, painting nails, doing a craft (making Christmas Cards) and having a treat. It worked out perfectly for our advent since making a craft was our activity, I didn't have to do any of the prep work or clean up!

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