This post is just tons of Pictures from our trip. We had fun mostly just hanging out and being with Family! We just love spending time with Family! These 3 monkeys had tons of fun playing!
 This was our drive out to CA, because of a huge snow storm we took the southern route. Due to the storm and traffic it took us 16 hours to get there! Our kids are amazing and didn't complain at all! I was done the last 3 or so hours ugh!
                                      Cecily loved teasing the boys!
 Oliver spent a lot of his time Mauling baby Owen! He just loves him so much and wanted to give him lots of kisses and love! We now know we will not be leaving Oli and Cora alone together for a very long time! He's just to much of a lover!
 Eli was sick and Oli wanted to be playing with him all the time so thankfully Aunt Mallory had fun games on her phone for the boys! Poor Eli was sick most of the time, we kept having to tell Oli Eli needed space because Oliver's endless amount of Energy was a little to much for sick little E.
 Oliver laid by Owen and pretended to be a baby. and since coming home he has continued to pretend to be a baby every so often, I think he realizes Cora is coming soon and his world is about to change!
 CC loved taking care of Owen and cuddling him! She kept saying she that she was big enough to hold him and walk around, we would tell her nope, you must sit on the couch! So we learned we might not be able to leave her and Cora alone in the same room either.
 They had so much fun when Eli was feeling better!

 Love getting lots of outside time!!
 Mark and Mallory brought a balloon animal making kit for the kids. Everyone loved it!!
                                          We were all spoiled with more gifts!!

                                                     We love going to the park!

 Making/eating Marshmallow structures with Grandma!

 Uncle Craig is so much fun to play with!

We even got to sing to Aunt Kimi for her birthday!!

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