Utah trip

We have been in utah for a week and have had so much fun hanging out with my family!!  We have done lots of Shopping, Sewing and of course eating! CC has had more fun with her cousins this time than ever before. It is tons more fun now that they are a little older. Here are just a few pics of our time here. Its so hard to leave and we miss everyone so much but we are just so grateful for airplanes and car for getting us to our two favorite states UTAH and CALIFORNIA!! Thank you so much Mom and Dad for all you do and for once again spoiling us to the max!

On to California for a few weeks for Kim and Craig's wedding!!



The past couple of weeks I haven't been in the BEST mood and have felt kind of down in so much as throwing a few pity parties for myself and obviously focusing way to much on the negative in my life. Well after some soul searching and some good venting to my Mom (sorry about that again) I am feeling much better and a bit more positive! It might also be the fact that in 6 days I am off to Utah to see my Family and then to CA to spend an undecided amount of time with Kreg's family! Well my cute cousin Courtney has once again been a good example to me and shown me how to be more grateful in my life. She has been doing daily posts on why she is grateful I decided to do something similar in just one post. So here are a few things I am grateful for:
Day Light Saving~ I seriously look forward to this I love having it lighter Later and it just gets me so excited for summer!My Kreg~ He is so good to me and cares so much about how I feel, He is always so patient and loving towards my crazy emotions. He is my greatest strength and I am so blessed to be able to keep in for eternity!

My Mom~ she is another one that is so patient and caring towards me! I look forward to our daily phone calls and love to hear her voice. She and I are very close even though we are far apart right now. She has a way of making me feel happy about whatever I am going through big or small!

My CC girl~ I love her so much and I am so grateful I get to be with her all day! I miss her when she takes her naps and I get so excited in the morning when we wake up and can play together! She is at such a fun stage right now learning and talking so much she amazes me everyday!

The Sun~ I really love the sun even if its freezing cold outside the sun always makes me feel better! If I just look up at the sky and pretend there is no snow outside I can imagine I am at the beach where it is warm and that makes me so so happy!

The Gospel~The peace and happiness it brings to my life is in every way irreplaceable and un-substitutable. There is nothing else on this earth that can make you feel as good like the Word of God can. I am so grateful to have the truth in my life and to have a relationship with my Father in Heaven. If you would like to know more about it go HERE

The Gym~ CC and I hit the gym 5-6 times a week and it helps so much! The winter has a way of making you feel sluggish but some good old fashioned exercise can really do a body, mind, and soul some good!

This new recipe~ We made these tonight and they are to die for! Its super easy and if you are a fan of Chocolate and Peanut butter like we are you will want to try these! (thanks again for the gym for helping me feel O.K. for eating these!)

There are a great many other things I am grateful for in my life but these are just a few that are on my mind right now.
What are you grateful for? Its a good thing to think about it never fails to lift a sorrowing spirit!


Fly Fly Butterfly

I was at H&M the other day scouring for something to wear to my sister in-laws wedding and I found these super cute wings and matching wand! I couldn't resist using some of my birthday money on my CC girl!
For those who were wondering This was the day of the Curls from the post below. Well Kreg decided he wasn't a fan of the "GERRY CURLS" as he referred to them. Cecily had many fans that day at the mall of America due to those curls so even if Dad doesn't like them like we wished Mom does and so do the people of Minneapolis!

oh and of course I had to post CC's 1st side pony!!

And a BIG CHEESE with the S.G.s on!



We just got home from our stake roadshow (I was the director over our ward) CC didnt get a nap today and it is about 40 min past her bed time. needless to say she is tired. Therefore she walked into the house went straight to her room and asked for her bed. Kreg checked on her five min later and she was OUT!

I love when she asks to go to sleep it has happened a few other times in this little girls life!



I recently bought some sponge rollers to try on CC. She was in a really good mood today so I thought I would try them out. I simple wet her hair put a little gel in it and rolled away. They dried while she played and when we took them out we got this!!!
AFTERIf you are wondering how I kept her occupied and distracted I simply turned on Him and gave her a drink~

PS. All of the pictures of CC that she is looking into the camera with a stunned face, she really is saying "CHEESE" she just hasn't mastered the smiling on demand part!


Jump house

Each week we go to play group with friends from our ward and during the winter we migrate to the city rec center where they open a big conference room and fill it with all kinds of toys. Cecily's favorite is the jump houses and the cars. I always tell Kreg about her adventures but I decided it was best to get some footage so he could have the full affect (she didnt perform like I wanted her to but this is what I got!
Here are some photos and videos of C-girl jumping big!

The other day CC and I got home from the gym exceptionally tired even though it was only 10:30 am CC was begging for milk and to watch Barney (her usual bedtime routine) she normally doesnt nap until around 1:30 in the after noon so this was rather early for bed. I wasnt feeling well either so I gave her milk and put on the show. She stacked her pillows just how she likes them, grabbed a blankie and zonked! I went to check on her and at first didnt see her. she had covered herself completly. Apparently she got a really good workout as well!


Playdough and Celebrations

As you can see I took out the extensions. Still debating about whether to put them back in or not. But boy is my hair thin without them!
Sunday was my Birthday so we have been celebrating for the past few days. Saturday we went out for lunch and then took CC to a Fish Fair at a local church. It was basically like a craft fair but all about fish, they had mino races, random fish exhibits, trout fishing and lots of games and educational booths. It was pretty lame but we thought Cecily would like the fish. I think sometimes we chose activities for her that are a little above her age, but she did like the golden retriever puppy that was there so I'm sure it was all worth it to her!
CC and Dad fishing for a prize
Cecily with her grab bag. she looks so big running around with it!Sunday Kreg and CC made me breakfast in bed consisting of blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, and Eggs. They had also made me a card. It was so fun waking up to Cecily bringing me a card and Kreg bringing me breakfast. Kreg also surprised me with a a gift certificate to get a massage so I will be going on Saturday to the spa and I cant wait! It was a great birthday and Im so lucky to have such a great husband and families and lots of friends to make me feel loved on my special day! Thanks everyone for everything!CC had her first experience with play dough yesterday. She had a lot of fun squishing and molding and using the cookie cutters. She even snuck a few licks which she found was not very rewarding. I kept telling her it was yucky but she needed to try it out herself!
Oh and did I tell you how much this girl loves to COLOR?? Its pretty much her favorite thing to do and she will ask to color all day! Kreg made her this nice bed to color on in the kitchen the other day and she was lovin' it!