Fly Fly Butterfly

I was at H&M the other day scouring for something to wear to my sister in-laws wedding and I found these super cute wings and matching wand! I couldn't resist using some of my birthday money on my CC girl!
For those who were wondering This was the day of the Curls from the post below. Well Kreg decided he wasn't a fan of the "GERRY CURLS" as he referred to them. Cecily had many fans that day at the mall of America due to those curls so even if Dad doesn't like them like we wished Mom does and so do the people of Minneapolis!

oh and of course I had to post CC's 1st side pony!!

And a BIG CHEESE with the S.G.s on!


Meg said...

I love the side pony so adorable. I also love the curlers Ella can wear curlers in her hair to and I love that they can.

Jen said...

I have to say, I am jealous of the amount of hair CC has! Not that I would put Ellis's hair into a side pony, but the boy has NO HAIR! Kennedy didn't get hair until she was almost 2, but Ellis has less than she did! :) CC is so cute, Anna!