Slick Rat Hair

We've talked about how much Cecily loves doing hair, well its not just other people's, she loves brushing, styling, and washing her own as well. (I'm dreading the day she gets a hold of the scissors) Well last night Kreg was working on some homework in the office, I was sick on the couch as usual in the evenings and CC got a hold of this and this and made her hair oh so pretty!
She slicked her hair with the two products and was lucky enough to get her second bath for the day.


Future Hairdresser

This girl takes after her Mom in Attitude, personality and even Career choice. You can find her and a bottle of water and comb most anytime working on anyone that sits down long enough for her to have a go at their hair. The only bad part is she chooses to use the water she has been drinking all day which is GROSS if you ask me! I Promise she didnt learn that from me. Michelle and Michael do you recognize her shirt. It finally fits her after 2+ years!

Cecily's gram got her some slippers and she wanted to show them to you!

Halloween 2009

Cecily was a Fairy This year and an adorable one at that. and Kreg and I were her Grandparents for a night. I kept telling CC to let grandpa hold her or let Grandpa help you she would get really upset and say no its DADDY! If you look close my eyebrows did not look that white the pic was weird. We had fun going to parties at the church, at friend's homes and trick or treating! CC loved all the attention she would get when wearing her costume.

To Achieve the Fairy Hair we used sponge rollers and yes I even took her to Walmart in them. People for the most part thought she was cute and it was funny. They all figured she had some kind of party to attend later but there was one older lady that came up to us and was laughing Hysterically and yelled "what's with the curlers?" Cecily just kept looking at her like she was CRAZY which she was!
She loves getting her hair done!! She kept looking in the mirror saying I look silly with Curls. SO CUTE!