Cecily is five and 1/2 months

It is so crazy how fast these babies grow up! Cecily is doing new things everyday! It is so fun to watch her and I feel so blessed to have her in my life! Here are just a few recent pictures of my little doll!

I went in the other room for a few minuets and when I came back CC was undressing herself!


Yay for Scheduling!

Ok so everyone who knows me knows I am ultra organized and a schedule queen, so it might ba a shock to you but I never had Cecily on a schedule until NOW! While we were in Cali for three weeks Cecily got a few bad habits such as going to bed with a bottle and then waking up once during the night to eat.... I was not going to let this go on any more, we were doing so good. She started sleeping through the night on her own when she was three weeks old and I was so BLESSED so in order to keep my blessing I talked to my friend Jen and decided to put Cecily on the BABY WISE schedule. I tried doing it for the first week she was home from the hospital but we just had so much company and were constantly going to visit people I felt like I couldnt let her cry so in essence I gave up... But, while talking to Jen I decided to try it again so for the past few days Cecily has been put on a schedule and once again I am BLESSED! It has worked wonders and she corporates amazingly! No more bottle to bed, no more waking up in the middle of the night, and good naps during the day. So for all of you who think you have missed your time in scheduling your baby, its not too late! and for my friends who are still expecting (Megan and Melanie) you have to get the book Baby Wise and read it because it is amazing! Thanks Jen for sharing Ellis' schedule

Wagner family photos!

Here are just a couple of photos the Wagner family took in cali over christmas. This is the whole family, and just the sisters!


Green beans and Peas!

We started Cecily on solids this week, She turned 5 months yesterday we just couldn't wait any longer she is going through formula like its going out of style. She is still tiny as ever but hungry all of the time. Lucky girl has her daddy's metabolism! She loves green beans and I gave her peas this morning and she loved them too! I'm so glad she likes her veggies already! Kreg makes yucky faces when I feed her because he hates veggies, I tell him he'd better stop or she will follow his example. I've got to have someone in this house that is healthy with me!

the past month was so fun, watching her learn and grow, she is rolling over in all directions now, she is talking and laughing a ton more and blowing bubbles all of the time! She went through a faze where she did not want to be held and I was disappointed because I could never cuddle with her, now she has flip flopped, she just wants to be held, and not only that you have to be standing up so she can look around. I cant decide which is better _ no cuddling but getting things done or lots of cuddling getting nothing done! Its a good thing I'm so in love with her so either way I'm happy!


Christmas in Cali

We went to California for 3 weeks to celebrate the holidays with Kreg's family, it was so relaxing and really fun, especially because the weather was so warm compared to Rexburg aka ICEBURG! We did lots of shopping and Kreg did lots of golfing. We went to Napa the day after Christmas to celebrate Grandpa W's B-day, Kreg went golfing with his dad, grandpa, and brother and I went shopping in San Fran with my sisters inlaw and Kreg's cousin, while Cecily stayed home with Grandma W and Great Grandma W it was a fun break to go shopping with the girls and enjoy the city life for a day considering the lack of shopping in Idaho!While in Cali Cecily and I really enjoyed going on walks again, we have been going everyday ever since I was pregnant and up until about thanksgiving but it is way to cold and snowy in Idaho so it was nice to take advantage of the warmth and get our walk on! We went to a couple of movies, Kreg and I went on a date and saw I am Legend I about peed my pants I was so scared in that one, and my Mother inlaw and I went and saw PS I Love You, it was not the best movie to see with your mother inlaw, there were a few questionable scenes and it was really awkward, not to mention so sad.
Christmas was fun we were spoiled by both sets of parents and Cecily had fun with all of her new clothes, toys and books. I know she will be more excited next year and even more so the year after! Thank you to everyone for the gifts you gave us and Cecily we really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. And thanks especially to Mom and Dad W for letting us come and stay for 3 whole weeks and for all that you do for us!
New years was pretty lame Cecily and I went to bed at 10:30 pm. Once you are married with kids there is nothing cool about new years, plus I like my sleep to much to stay up that late on purpose! Kreg and I got to go on a little getaway to Santa Cruz, It was my Christmas present from Kreg he is so thoughtful. He knows how much I love the beach and I always beg him to take me to Santa Cruz everytime we are in Cali so he planned a little getaway for the two of us. Thanks to Grandma W for watching CC for the night. We stayed in a super cute bed and breakfast, We went to dinner at this really nice restaurant which was a wild experience we decided since we were eating by the beach that we would try lobster, well needless to say we wasted a lot of money on a dinner practically untouched. We both usually love seafood and I am obsessed with sushi but for some reason the idea of having to crack open the shell and pull out the meat just grossed both of us out! ha ha we both took one bite and hated our lives. We ended up going to 7-11 and getting junk food to take back to our place for when we got hungry!